Open Source Mattress Memory Foam Bed Design

 TEEF Powder made by NatureHacker is Free!

This design can be used with bedblocks, as a normal mattress or sleeping surface of any kind, seats, gym floors, gymnastics mats, yoga mats, any floor, or any size or other format desired.  The basic idea here is alternating support and comfort layers throughout the entire mattress thickness.  These layers can be symmetrical so the mattress can be flipped if desired but this is not required.  What this allows for is the entire thickness of the mattress providing useful comfort.  Typically in a foam or memory foam mattress, the first few inches are for comfort and the rest 6" or more is just standard support foam or springs.  Only for first couple inches of this support base are really ever used and a thinner mattress on a hard floor would be just as good.  How could we get the entire 12" or however thick to provide both comfort and support?  By making the layers thin, thin as possible if desired, and alternating support and comfort layers.  This will allow the entire thickness of the mattress to be fully utilized.  The layers can be glued together, use any adhesive, use no adhesive, use a tacky coating or layer or material so the layers grip or stick together but can be removed, or any other means of  attachment or no attachment.

Here is an example queen size design:
1" latex $80
2" 5lb memory $104
1/2" LUX-HQ $18
2" 3lb memory $71
1" HD36-HQ $32 (or latex)
2" 3lb memory $71
1/2" LUX-HQ $18
2" 5Lb memory $104
1" latex $80
12" cover grey and white (or brylanehome) $60
80+104+18+71+32+71+18+104+80+60= $638


As we can see in this design we have a latex topper which is useful to provide coolness since memory foam is hot and also prevent getting "stuck" in the memory foam.  Memory foam provides all comfort
and very little support so the memory foam is used for comfort layers.  Soft foam can also be used but memory foam can provide the softness while also bieng long lasting.  LUX-HQ is a very dense high quality foam so this provides a support layer.  3lb memory foam is used next.  This is the softest type of memory foam and I am using htis towards the center of the stack because it is less long lasting so inside the bed it will get less wear and tear than the 5lb towards the surface.  Finally at the center is a HD36-HQ layer which is a support layer but a little softer than the Lux.  This layer may also be latex but latex adds double the weight.  They can be placed inside a mattress cover if desired.  They can be placed bed frame, platform, ground, car, boat, rv, home, airplane, edged with firmer material for ease of getting in and out of bed, or any other method for any use.  They can be used in the bedblocks invention and cut if desired and covered if desired.

casper layers, notice it goes firm, soft, firm, soft

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