Heavy Maid Cocktail Recipe

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Had a dream Louis Rossmann served this to a melancholy guest, he called it the "Heavy Maid"


4 oz Brandy (or any whiskey)
1 oz Gum (Gomme) Syrup (makes it feel "heavy", perhaps 1oz is too much with low citrus amount.  Honey and/or maple syrup or glucose syrup can replace the sugar if desired)
Served with a lemon (and/or orange and/or lime) wedge(s) to squeeze in if desired
Served in a Normal (non-cocktail) Glass (or Collins or Highball Glass would work)
Can add mint (good for colds) and/or cucumber if desired but not required
May add a orange wedge for an uplifted flavor.

other herbs can include, cinnamon (good for colds), ginger (good for calming nerves), ginseng or passionflower and sarsaparilla other saponin containing (preferably steroidal AND triterpenoid) herb (good for respiratory bugs and adds foam). Also Garlic.

A preferred embodiment uses room temp brandy and gum syrup mixed then squeeze 2 lemon wedges and one small orange wedge and put the squeezed wedges with brandy/gum syrup/lemon juice mix into a shaker with ice (and optionally with cucumber and mint) and shake.  This allows essential oils from the lemon peels to mix in as a commenter suggested (can't find the link).

All I really saw is that Louis implied there was a lot of alcohol in it and that the alcohol was brown and that it was served in a normal glass.  Beyond that I researched Kentucky Maid drink and kind of based it on that.  Also Brandy is a good drink to calm the nerves and cure sore throat after a tough day of cleaning.  Also I found a person Brett on an old fashioned recipe post that suggested gum syrup which would be a great thing to make the Heavy Maid feel heavy, also gum arabic has medicinal qualities.  Also of course the high alcohol would make it heavy as well.  I didn't see any ice in the glass.  Also based on French Maid which uses cognac brandy.

I would like to define the "Maid" drinks as separate from "Sour" Drinks by being refreshing flavor, not sour persay.  So Maids have less lemon or lime than Sours.  So cucumber and mint or lime is not required to set a Maid apart from a Sour.  Also a maid has no egg white.  Similar to a Smash but there is no alcohol infused fruit (citrus wedges are strained out of the shaker) and there is no crushed ice.

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