Ai De - A True Form of Martial Arts

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Ai Te or Ai De

Expression of Love

Based on Wing Chun

Ai De is not a fighting style.  Ai De is a philosophy that Love overcomes all.  It is not offensive and it is not defensive. There are no attacks, just responses.  You are absorbing an adversary's anger and aggression, you are not trying to break the will of the opponent, rather inspire them to change their state of mind. Gentleness and understanding is a strength, anger and aggression is a weakness.  To injure someone is to fail.  In Ai De you are teaching an attacker by showing them gentleness and understanding.  You are making the attacker feel loved and understood which will diffuse their anger.  The philosophy of Ai De is that it is never too late for someone to change for the better.

Ai De is an Uplifting Art for all who experience it.  The practitioner's mindset is in inviting the opponent to become a friend.  Conflict is inevitable, but it can lead to a better understanding.

Ai Te can be seen in gunfighting as never drawing first and shooting to disarm the opponent, not to kill.

Ai Te can be seen in self defense as deflecting untoward advances without aiming to injure the attacker.

Ai Te can be seen in verbal debates as listening and understanding the opposing view and providing a reasoned and understanding response.

Ai Te can be translated as gentleness, meekness, internal power, etc.

It doesn't take a master to discover "moves" of Ai De for any given situation, it takes a student.  Practice and Discover.  Ai De is Discovery.

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