Zion Williamson Ushers in New Era in Basketball

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Zion Williamson is definitely a new type of player that the NBA has not seen up until now.  Not only in terms of physical and mental but also a spiritual level.  I think in terms of personality he is an INFP.  He is gracious.  He just wants to be part of the team not dominate it.  This has been instilled in him by his mom which is evident in his pregame interview seen below.

This is not just talk because it was proven in his first performance as seen below.  I think he and his mom were right that this early injury is a blessing in disguise.  He is full of energy and needs some restraint to have a long career and this incident has not only taught him discipline, but he has really learned it.  Some say his first performance seemed "tentative" until the fourth quarter, and this is his discipline showing.  He wanted to be measured and intelligent about how he played.  In general I can tell that Zion is a careful, thoughtful, and passionate person.  There is no sign of the gangster (bully) or rapper (gettin' paid) mentality whatsoever.  His mom has taught him well I can tell she taught more by showing him love and in thoughtful guidance and he has really learned well and deserves massive credit for that.

Besides all that Zion is a physically different and powerful person.  Most NBA players are lanky and muscular but Zion has a different build, more like a Rhino.  Extreme quick power, like a power lifter.  The weaknesses will be lower endurance however he will be just the clutch player needed to turn around a game.  Will he be the all-time highest scoring player?  No.  But I think he will bring more to team morale and drive and team performance than any player in the NBA.  More than Lebron let alone even Jordan.  Why?  Because Lebron was greedy and the team had to revolve around Jordan.  With Zion everyone will feel valued I think even more than Tebow (though there will be a lot of parallels with Tebow and Zion needs to make sure he doesn't burn himself out like Tebow did) because for Zion it is for the love of the game and teamwork, but for Tebow it was for a love of Victory.  There is no doubt that a new era in basketball is starting now.

Zion's Step Dad

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