Where to Find Old Mcreator Versions: How to import other peoples mods into your Mcreator

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Awesome archive Andrew2016TYT uploaded:

I uploaded 3 old versions here:


Also here are links to Archive's version:


Early version:


Early version:

Ok so here is how I think the only realy way to go about getting someone elses mods into your own Mcreator workspace to add other peoples mod's into your own.

1. Download the persons mod JAR file.

2. Decompile it with FernFlower (Or Bytecode viewer and decompile all and select fernflower)

3.  Change .zip file extension to .mcr by using windows option to show file extensions and then renaming the file.

4. Import .mcr file into old version of mcreator.

5. Export .mcr file out of old version of mcreator.

5.  Use MCR Legacy Converter to get it into current version or 1.9.1

6.  Export as shareable zip.

I have old versions on that sync.com link at the top.  Also I have mcr legacy converter as well and Bytecode viewer.

This should work however I haven't been able to get the persons mod files to show up in my old version of Mcreator so I am not 100% sure this process will work but it's the best shot we have.

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