Trump creating a new "Axis of Evil" that will take out the United States

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"US President Donald Trump likewise rejected the withdrawal on Sunday, threatening Iraq with sanctions and saying the US will not leave until the Iraqis “pay us back” for an airbase that he said cost billions of dollars to build.

On Sunday, the Iraqi parliament passed a resolution asking the government to disinvite all foreign troops – including the US-led coalition..."


So the US overthrew the Iraqi government in 2003, allowed Iraq to create a new government, and when that government voted to kick the US out a couple days ago, they still refuse to leave.  Not only did the US trample the sovereignty of Iraq under the guise of "allow a democratic government" and WHEN that democratic government formed in Iraq, the united states STILL tramples their sovereignty and refuses to leave their country!

Not only that but the US under Trump is now threatening sanctions on Iraq for voting for the US to leave their country!  This is off the charts ladies and gentlemen but as we have prophesied before, this must happen in order for the prophecy to come to pass.  The prophecy of course is that the United States will fall within the next decade to likely both a Civil War and also foreign strikes on Washington DC.  The US will also likely default on their debt during this time.

Statements and threats from the White House, Pentagon, and State Department show beyond a doubt the true feelings that they kept hidden all these years.  The true feeling is an absolute disregard for other nations sovereignty and intending to steamroll anyone who disagrees with them for whatever reason.

Should sanctions go on Iraq, Iraq will merge with Iran against a common enemy in the United States.  The rest of the middle east will follow, and finally Russia and China and other socialist/communist countries of the world.  The new Axis of Evil is forming before our eyes because of the pompous exuberance of Pompeo, Trump, and the Spy State as a whole.

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