TR-3B Antigraity Aircraft American Plane Decoded

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How does the TR-3B achieve anti-gravity?  Just how I have explained earlier, Magnetized Plasma.  How do you magnetize plasma?  You spin it around in a circle over and over again.  This generates a very strong magnetic field and likely also gravity field.  Instead of the UFO's which generate plasma on the surface and/or bottom of the craft and likely spin the plasma around electronically, the TR-3B uses a closed ring plasma accelerator with pressurized mercury vapor.  This is a more contained but less effective form of antigraity.  Also having the plasma contained would mean that the TR-3B will have much less effective cloaking than real UFO's since the plasma needs to be on the surface of the craft to cause invisibility.  They probably do charge the surface to add some radar deflection but it likely won't be strong enough to cause visible cloaking.  The ultimate in isible cloaking would be to emit a hydrogen sulfide plasma from the surface just like Bigfoot does.


Space Force is designed to allow more testing and utilization of this technology.

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  1. This will probably start WW3 once russia confirms that we have this


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