The Spy State is crumbling

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The Fall of the New England Patriots, in the most important football game of all time, is a harbinger of this time in history.

The Patriots symbolize the American Empire.  They won consistently because of an intricate spy network.  The American Empire also thrives on an intricate spy network.  Most of the patriots losses this season were from teams that had Patriot defectors.  The reason for this is most likely they knew the Spy tactics the Patriots used and helped their new coaches avert and even sabotage the spying efforts of Bill Belichick.  A similar thing is also happening with nations of the world, they are learning the Spying, Subversion, Entrapment, and Manipulation techniques of American Terrorist organizations like the CIA and FBI and are playing those techniques back on it's own head.

The fall of the Intelligence tactics of the Patriots hints that Judgement is coming to all who use subversion and manipulation to achieve their evil goals.  The means don't justify the ends, the means create the ends. And judgement is coming swiftly to the Spy's.

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