The reason why the UFO used bismuth and magnesium layers on it's base

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So you may have heard that pieces of metal were found from a UFO in New Mexico.  I believe the story because the material that was found fits with my theory on how a UFO works.

The metal that was found was 22 layers or so of 1-2 micron thick bismuth and 200 micron magnesium-zinc alloy.

Here are some of the properties of the elements:

Bismuth- Repels magnetic fields.

Magnesium - Lightweight, good EMI shield, Good structural material.

So my theory on how UFO's work is this (formed before I knew about this material).  First the craft uses plasma anti-gravity.  It does this by creating a plasma on the surface of the craft and magnetizing it.  The way it creates a plasma is it uses plutonium to strongly charge the surface of the craft.  Then it swirls the plasma around the craft.  The way it likely swirls the plasma around the craft is either to swirl the craft itself or the skin, or to electronically swirl it by moving the charge around the surface.  If you want to know the speed it spins, listen to eyewitness accounts of the "whoom, whoom, whoom" sound people have heard and see how many cycles per second it does.

As the plasma swirls around the surface it becomes magnetized.  Magnetized plasma is antigravity and will make the craft float.

Ok so why the layers?  Firstly magnesium is lightweight and structural so that makes sense that is the bulk of the material.  The Zinc in the magnesium is likely to do two things, strengthen the alloy and stiffen it, and also to lower the melting point of the alloy.  This is because if they just wanted to strengthen it they would have used aluminum which is lighter, so the zinc must be to lower the melting point.  Lowering the melting point is important for vapor deposition of the layers.  So that tells me they likely used vapor deposition to make this.

Any why the bismuth layers?  Well the reason for that is to keep the plasma intact.  The plasma is developing magnetic field lines within it and you don't want to loose those field lines to dissipation.  The bismuth repels the field lines so they stay inside the plasma and are not degraded.  Basically the bismuth layers will keep the plasma magnetically levitated from the craft.  This will improve and make possible the buoyancy of the craft.




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  1. For starters it would be good to have the EDS to see the stoichiometry of the ratios of each materials


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