The new Staybl electrolyte drink mix

 Teeth Powder Organic and Free to Use

Designed to be the best drink mix, Staybl is designed to deliver results. The main reason I am bringing this back is I believe a product like this would be the best and easiest thing I could give homeless people.  Firstly as a premade version because many homeless are thirsty more than anything, and secondly as a powder version in packets they can add to a water bottle filled with tap water and this will help neutralize the fluoride and other harmful contaminants like bacteria and- microplastics.  I may eventually rework this to replace ingredients with whole food extracts as possible.

Here is a preliminary ingredients list

Lightly carbonate if premade

Base 28.5g
10g Lemon juice powder
10g Lime juice powder
5g Glucose
2g Manitol
1g Beetroot juice powder
1g Glucuronolactone
0.5g D ribose
0.3g Lactic Acid

Minerals 3.5g
2g Potassium bicarbonate
0.7g Calcium gluconate
0.5g Magnesium gluconate
0.15g Sodium chloride (dead sea)
0.1g Calcium silicate
10 mg Zinc gluconate
0.3 mg Potassium iodide
0.1 mg Selenium

Vitamins 1g
1g Inositol
15mg Vit E Ascorbate
15mg Pantothenic acid
10mg Thiamine
10mg Riboflavin
0.1mg Biotin

Aminos 2.2g
0.4g Proline
0.3g Tryptophan
0.3g Tyrosine
0.3g Lysine
0.2g Taurine
0.2g Arginine
0.2g Cystiene
0.2g Histidine
0.1g Glutamic acid

Herbal extracts 3.4g
0.7g Cranberry juice extract
0.5g Broccoli seed extract
0.5g Pomegranate extract
0.4g Ginger root extract
0.4g Marigold flower extract
0.4g Passionflower extract
0.3g Sarsaparilla extract
0.2g Garlic powder extract

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