The Fall of the Spy State Daniel 7:4

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So the american empire is the first beast of Daniel 7.  The Eagles Wings will be removed from it and it will be just like every other nation.  This has also been prophesied in the Patriots football team.  Their spying tactics have now been understood and thwarted by the other teams in the league and now the Patriots will be just another team.  In the same way the American Spy State has been understood by the other nations and they are beginning to thwart it.  Tearing the wings off will mean America will no longer be able to insert themselves into foreign affairs.  The Spy's will be torn off and uprooted, the informants and mercenaries will no longer be safe abroad and they will all come back home.  And America will be just another nation.  The bear will rise up next and both Russia and China national animals are bears (also Finland).  After that kingdom will be the leopard and Afganistan and Iran and Pakistan and Somalia (and Rwanda) all have leopards as their national animal so that means the Middle East will be the next kingdom after the fall of Russia and china.  And then the fourth beast which I don't understand yet.  There is still 1300 or so years before all of it is fulfilled but with the fall of the first beast of Daniel happening now plus the convergence of many other prophecies 2024-2031 will be an especially trying time for the world and especially America.

Benjamin Franklin's assessment of the Bully and Coward of the Bald Eagle turned out to be prophetic as to the downfall of the American Empire:

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