Subduction and the Freemason Symbol of "Handing Off"

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This will seem incoherent but let the reader understand.

I was attending a class and it turned out that it was the last day of the class and the teacher was talking with the students and I was standing around there listening.  I assumed oh for some reason this class was one day longer than scheduled and my first day will be tomorrow.  It's cool I will just listen to what they are discussing.  The class was philosophy.

The teacher explained that some people wrote on their test that god exists because of a philosophical argument that god exists therefore god exists.  I laughed at that but no one else did.  He explained that yes it was a funny argument.  It looked like people were disappointed because that is what they wrote on their test.

An old friend of mine came in and told me to visit his class instead because this person I was listening to was a bad teacher.

I heard an interaction as follows.

Why is the earth growing and do we know why it is growing?

Yes we know the earth is growing because of measurements but we do not know why.

Could it be that one persons (farm) field crosses on top of another mans field and then when they are pulled apart the earth grows?

You are explaining the Freemasonry principle of "Handing Off".


I assume that what this means is that the reason the Subduction theory is a part of the Geological techtonics is not because it is actually ever observed.  There is virtually no evidence of subduction in geology but it is accepted as scientific fact.  I believe that this is because there is a Freemasonry Symbol that when two Freemasons Shake hands with a sign, when they pull their hands apart it is created.  Subduction is an allegory to that and so they believe it to be the case even with no real evidence.  This also confirms that the Freemasons are in control of at least some parts of the Scientific Narrative that is fed to the people.  In reality we know the earth is growing because plasma from the sun is collected in the core of the earth and used to create fusion events there and when the plasma breaks through the earths crust.  Therefore there are portals inside the earth and we and other entities may come to earth through these/this portals

Here is a list I found of some symbols but I have suspicion that is isn't complete:

Interesting find.  Note that "freemason handing off" or "freemason symbol handing off" typed in bing the first two suggestions is handing off money and second is handing off keys.  Also handing off the world and handing off work and handing off report.  Google on the other hand gives no suggestions which implies that it is censoring the results.
What I gather about the above link is that the Freemasons are behind the Peculian Nationalism in America with the Q and Trump worshippers.  These movementsa are actually led by the freemasons.  The Illuminati are behind the globalism.  I personally think the competition between the illuminati and t-he freemasons will culminate very soon and lead to the problems we will see in 2004-2031.

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