Planet Labs Implicated in Chemtrail Planes.

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As we know satellites are not real in the way they are portrayed.  Yes they throw junk into space but do you really think it has the power to do all the things they say they do?  A cell tower takes massive amounts of power and a massive grid connect to deliver slow internet to a couple thousand people.  Do you think a sattelite a hundred thousand miles from earth in geosynchronous orbit can consistently deliver fast internet to millions of people with what would be a Tesla battery pack?  Really?

So how are these sattelite images obtained if they are not from sattelites like we are led to believe?


Those military planes that you see spewing chemicals every day above every part of the globe as chemtrails.

Planet Labs seems to be benefitting from a relationship with the owners of the planes and are obtaining imagery daily of the entire world.  Started by former NASA employees.  One could look for connections between Planet Labs and other organizations to find out who is perpetrating the Chemming of the skies.  In the past I have linked USAF with at least some of the planes used above the US.



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