Narrowing in on a Cause of Chronic Early Waking Insomnia

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The whole reason why NatureHacker exists is my relentless battle with insomnia.  It started in the last year of my first college degree when I was under tremendous stress with a Cult Church called Faith Christian Church in Tucson.  Also under the influence of that church I was working a very stressful job while taking very stressful classes and balancing very stressful tasks and requirements from the Cult.  Needless to say I wasn't sleeping much and pulled all-nighters studying occasionally since I didn't have time to study during the day.

After that first bout of insomnia I never could recover.  I could only sleep 4 hours a night and then wake up unable to fall back asleep or even take a nap.  Gradually over the years I found herbs that could help me fall back asleep but they would only work intermittently.  Recently I finished designing a solution that could always get me to fall back asleep.



However these herbal cures are not good enough to allow me to sleep through the night which is essential for a full rest inducing sleep cycle.  If I took the herbs at night they would only last 4-6 hours when I would have to wake up again and take another dose.

Big progress came when figuring out that I was waking up due to Sleep Apnea and in my case both obstructive and central apnea were part of the cause.  Then I figured out the cause of apnea is adenoid enlargement in the nasopharanx.  This enlargement is in turn caused by bacteria.  So killing adenoid enlarging bacteria was how my herbs were working.  But they were never enough to cure the problem.  Sometimes I would have a good night and would sleep better and this is when I had an overgrowth of certain (some would call beneficial) bacteria likely ones that produced lactic acid.  This lactic acid is an antioxidant and would probably reduce inflammation in the adenoids.  Also Salicin I found to help which is a strong anti-inflammatory as well.

But with the advent of  Tasty Wheat I have made even more progress.  Here are more factors involved in insomnia:

1. Calcium - Calcium is a big player.  Calcium seems required for proper immune cell functioning which can help your body to fight off the adenoid inflaming bacteria while you sleep.

2. Magnesium - This works by directing calcium to where it is needed most.  Improper calcium regulation plays a big part in immune dysfunction.

3. Vitamin D - This also works by directing calcium as magnesium does above.

4. Estrogen/cholesterol/Glucuronidation - Having lagging glucuronidation pathway seems to be involved in insomnia leading to estrogen buildup in the body.  Artichoke leaf taken helps the body to excrete estrogens and cholesterol and especially if taken with oat bran expels it from the body.

5. Iron overload -  Having Iron overload or hemochromatosis puts you at severe disadvantage for your immunity.  Iron supercharges bacteria and will make it much tougher to keep adenoids healthy.  Reduce Iron with taking antioxidants but many of these antioxidants impair glucuronidation.  Reduce iron intake to as low as possible.  Pomegranate ellagic acid may be a good solution that does not impair glucuronidation and also IP6.

6. Vitamin K1 and iodine and selenium - Not sure about this but perhaps in conjunction with the things above these vitamins and minerals might- enhance the immune system and improve sleep.

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