Meet the Parsecus

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Parsecus is like a mini whale with outboard implements that look like other parsecii and other sort of webbing things.  These implements surround the parsecus in a ring that is mabye 10-12ft in diameter.  Needs dark cold ocean.  I was told it will be allowed to live out its life (in the wild?).  Another type that is similar is just its small self, no implements, and is fine in warm water and captivity.  My guess is that they use these implements as parralax like a parsec and can echolocate over vast distances possibly with infrasound (mabye this is the bloop?).  The size of the main body is around 50-200 lbs and is mostly head.  Its head looks sort of like a bonnethead shark except the bonnet is above the eyes coming out of its forehead jutting out.  It is not a shark though.  Also looks similar to a cowfish except the jutting forehead is not antennae it is more of a bonnet. Also the face is not nearly as elongated as the cowfish.  Also the parsecus isn't a fish or a shark it is a whale or something like that.





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