How Garlic actually helps the Heart

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There have been studies done on garlic's effect on cholesterol and blood pressure with modest to no effect seen.  This is great for modern medicine because they can use that to dismiss anecdotal and even real studies that show that garlic prevents heart attacks and other heart problems - in my experience dilated cardiomyopathy and heart inflammation and stabbing pain.

So how does garlic actually do it if not by the ways heroic (modern) medicine can understand?

By killing Mycobacterium.  Mycobacterium infects the heart causing inflammation and pain.  These can be seen as pericarditis and myocarditis.  A stabbing pain in your heart is likely from pericarditis and is easily cured with garlic supplements.

And that's it.  By curing inflammation caused by infection you cure the major root cause of most all diseases.  In this case for inflammation of the heart very likely mycobacterium is a cause and garlic is perfectly suited to kill that bacteria.

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