Heartburn research

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So in terms of treating heartburn based on my experience these are herbs necessary

1.  Broccoli sprout/seed powder.  This is needed to neutralize h pylori which in itself doesn't cause heartburn (it just causes reflux) this is an important piece.

2.  Garlic powder.  Taken alone this stops heartburn sometimes.  Likely it neutralizes one of the types of bacteria that can cause acid over production in the stomach.

3.  Mustard powder.  Again, taken alone this stops heartburn sometimes.  See above.

4.  Lavender flower powder.  Same as above.

Taken together they seem to be able to stop any case of heartburn but research is ongoing into what the actual types of bacteria involved are.  Likely culprits are histamine producing bacteria like haemophilis and others. 

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  1. Or....you could try eating only ONE starch food per meal. i.e. If you're having the potato, skip the bread, AND, avoid eating anything 3 hours before bed. Made a huge diff for me. :)


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