Full Prophetic Analysis of 2024-2031 for America

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Ok, so I have done quite a few posts on some of these things and you can find them at the bottom of this page under the link "Prophecy".  I am linking some of those posts within the text below.

Today we get into the full analysis of the signs and predictions of what will happen in the near future.

#1   Revelation 12 sign.  The revelation 12 sign which happened in 2017 is a rare sign that happens every few hundred years as seen on stellarium.  According to my research virtually every time this sign occurs within 7 years a Beast and Antichrist arise and persecute the faithful with a mark of the beast.  7 years from 2017 is 2024.  The example of Aurelian and Valerian is analyzed here and here.  Two Witnesses of God also arise before this time (pre 2024) and are persecuted during this time (post 2024).  This tribulation period lasts around 7-10 years (estimate).

#2  Great American Solar Eclipses.  There are 3 Solar eclipses crisscrossing the United States between 2017 and 2024.  This is an extremely rare event that has never happened before to our knowledge.  These eclipses are the warning to America.  They predict this tribulation (not the end of the world but a very bad time) will begin in 2024 and will last for 7 years (the amount of time they span before the time) ending 2031.  This sign lines up perfectly with the revelation 12 sign.

#3   4th Seal of Revelation 6.  This seal unleashes the Pale Horse with Hades following close behind.  The Pale Horse is Ison (notice in the picture the snake [Apophis] is Hades).  Ison analysis here and here.  I have been waiting for Hades to be found as the final sign of these times, I thought it was planet X, but it appears that Hades is referring to Apophis which will pass in 2029.  To me this means that the final warning comes in 2029 and indicates that 2029-2031 will be the worst time of this tribulation which starts 2024.


The summary that I can gather based on this data is that 2024-2031 is a time of Tribulation with 2029-2031 as the worst part of it.  America will be under special judgement during this tribulation.  Revelation 6 says 1/4 of the earth will succumb during this time however in America it may be 1/2 as seen in the dream below.  The ways in which people die will be Violence (sword), Famine (food shortages), pestilence (disease), and wild beasts (bigfoot, yeti, dire wolves, etc).

What will likely happen in America is that there is a Civil War between the people who uphold the Constitution and those who are committed to the Beast (Xi Jinping) and the Antichrist (Martin O'Malley).  Russia will take advantage of this and will set up a secret alliance with Canada and will Air Strike Washington D.C. during our civil war.

Further Confirmation:  Dreams, Economic collapse and here, here, here), grand solar minimum


  1. Glanced through what you have - and would have a couple thoughts.
    I like your use of Apophis, but 2029-2036 when it comes the second time is 7 years. That may have some meaning.
    Will also mention that when I looked at that in 2004, the coast of China was facing Apophis when it was supposed to hit. Would be a severe hobby to try to confirm that.
    I also find Greta Thunberg interesting, in that she seems to match 1 Tim 4. Her No Hope/Your fault/NO meat, no children song seems to harmonize with those verses. Can see - her pushing a hopeless parade that seems to be the mood of the world, at the moment.
    And am out of time. Must go.

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