Do you pull at your hair or beard or pick your skin? You areorganophosphate pesticide poisoned!

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Wow I finally figured it out.  Took me a while but I did.  I'm having a strong detox reaction tonight after taking a mix of tryptophan (trp), tyrosine (tyr), natures fury, and L-cystiene.

What happened is the cystiene and TRP and TYR combined to make oximes.

Here are the oximes:
tryptophan oxime:
indole 3 acetyldoxime

tyrosine oxime:
p-hydroxyphenyl acetaldehyde oxime

Here are some extras that help:
riboflavin (b2) needed.  Also atp (ribose, adenine) nicotinamide (b3) needed.  Glucose needed. iron needed. Histidine is needed. (It would be safe to assume I will soon be making a product using all this info ;) )

Ok so I have had the type of OCD where I pick at things.  My biggest problem in this regard has been picking at my fingers.  This started probably when I was 6 or 7 and continued multiple decades to this day.  Also I have struggled with insomnia.  It turns out these were from excitotoxicity especially the picking.  The first relief I got for picking was from taking Mulungu herb.  It also greatly helped my sleep.  I knew this herb was anti-excitotoxic.  So it helped me "diagnose" my problem as having to do with excitotoxicity.  The only problem is I quickly developed tolerance and it stopped helping.

I always knew that there must be some type of toxin in me causing the excitotoxicity but I didn't have much luck in finding it.  I thought it was nickel from using stainless steel so I figured out histidine detoxes that and that helped me quite a bit and I got some great anti-fatigue benefits and better sleep from that but it didn't solve my picking and pulling habits.  

Well the other day I got very pissed off at the zika spraying.  They use organophosphate pesticides which cause a build up of acetylcholine in the brain.  I researched what it takes to detox the pesticides they are spraying.  Turns out oximes.  Tryptophan and tyrosine I discovered can be converted into oximes that detox these organophosphate pesticides.  I live in the desert where there are no crops to spray or zika or malaria to worry about so there couldn't be pesticides here right?  Also I eat organic so I am not exposed to pesticides right? So theres no need for me to be worried about pesticides I thought.  But I decided to try it anyway.  It helped a little but I had some issues like worsening insomnia.  Turns out the streptococcus bacteria that cause insomnia feed off tryptophan.  So today I added some natures fury that kills streptococcus.  Also I added to the trp and tyr and natures fury some L-Cystiene to help convert the trp and tyr to oximes.  WOW.  Mega detox reaction!  I knew I was onto something.  I looked back at my organophosphate notes from months ago and noticed something interesting.  A little note about mulungu and a link.  I followed the link and it turns out mulungu blocks nicotinic ACETYLCHOLINE receptors!  The smoking gun!  Pesticides built up in my brain is what caused my lifelong picking and pulling and insomnia excitotoxicity that only mulungu could help!  These pesticides must be in the chemtrails!

here was the link:

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