Causes of Too Thick or Too Thin blood

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Iron levels

Also streptococcus causes blood thinning

Staphylococcus causes blood clotting/thickening

bacillis causes blood clotting

So the conclusion is if you have thick blood take garlic and triterpenoid saponins with steroidal saponins to kill bacillis and staph and you may be low on iron.  If you have thin blood take triterpenoid and steroidal saponins to kill strep and also you may be high on iron and/or low on vitamin k.

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  1. Or.....you could drink a glass of water before bed and 3 glasses upon arising to thin the blood. (This also prevents heart attack and stroke). You might also drop WHEAT in any form from your diet, as this thickens the blood. Remember the wonderful glue you used to make out of white flour in grade school? Yep, that thickens it. :)


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