BedBlocks: A new Open Source Modular Bed Solution

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Bed Blocks are a new solution for the modern bed crisis.  What is the problem with bed's today?  Bed's are too big and heavy.  I have had a king size natural latex mattress and have moved 4 times with it.  Each time the mattress was the hardest and most dreaded part of moving.  Not only does it weight 195 lbs, but it is also floppy and you can't carry it.  I have had to fold it in half and strap it onto boards, but even then it doesn't fit through doors and 2 people still struggle very much carrying a 200 lb large package with no way to grip it securely.

There has to be a better way than this.  Currently beds are mostly pure foam and rolled into a tight package and shipped that way.  But very few can expect to be able to receive a 200 lb 6ft long package since so many are opting for remote mail boxes or just can't move a package that big.  Also sometimes you downsize and your king size mattress will not fit in your new bedroom.  Or you have a full size then get a significant other and want to upsize your mattress. Or you want to bring a bed with you in your camper for the weekend. Bedblocks solves all these problems and more.

What if there was a way to not only get your bed shipped in the mail, but shipped in small - less than 12" packages?  This is BedBlocks.

Think of a minecraft block.  1 ft cube memory foam (or any size or shape or any other material or combinations of materials including aerogel).  The block can be solid, have cavities of any size and consistency, have holes or cutouts or inclusions or extrusions, can include other materials, or be different shapes, can have symbols or patterns or colors (like a rubix cube) or graphics (including partial or full paintings, game textures - like minecraft blocks) on any/all sides for any reason, etc.  The only requirement is the bed is composed of smaller modular components.  They can interlock, dovetail, tongue and groove, stick together, have means of attachment, or none of those or any or all of them or anything else.  They can come with means to hold them together or not.  They could come with a "tray" that the blocks sit in or not.  They could have holes allowing the blocks to be connected, or not.  They could come with or suggest adhesive or velcro or van der waals material or anything else to connect the blocks or not.

The shapes could be rectangular (non square) cubes so they could be stacked in a way that the seams between blocks don't all line up, similar to how bricks are laid.  But preferably for modularity and ease of use, I suspect cubes are best.  Spheres or hexagonal prism's or icosahedron or truncated icosahedron (soccer ball) or any other shape is allowable.  They could be thinner and/or smaller and multiple layers of blocks could be laid/stacked to achieve any desired effect if wanted.

Ideally I think the blocks would be omni-directional but they could also be directional and have differing layers either horizontal layers, vertical layers, or 3 dimensional "shell" layers or any other method.  And/or they could have different properties depending on which side of the block is facing up.  So if you want firm under your back and soft at your head you could achieve that by having different sides of blocks pointing up.  For omnidirectional blocks, they could come in different softnesses.

"Rotating" the blocks similar to how you rotate tires could be done to ensure that the foam lasts as long as possible.  Also the blocks can be "turned" to a different side to also allow longer life.  Markings on the sides could be used like colors, shapes, patterns, graphics, and/or anything else that can help people remember which side to flip to next to keep wear even or any other use including decorative.

If bed blocks are 1 sq ft each then you can buy 36 to get a 6' x 6' bed.  You can take 10 with you on the road to get a 2' x 5' bed.  You can use elastic, fabric, wooden, metal, plastic, or any material or combination of materials as a sort of thing to hold the blocks together.  Some examples would be a elastic band that goes around the blocks to keep them together.  Or a wooden box that the blocks are placed into, or a plastic tray, or a bag that encompasses the blocks, or anything else.  Also a structural base could be added that allows for the grouping of blocks to be moved together easily or be used with standard bed equipment.

Bed blocks don't have to be used as a bed, but can also have any other use including making a decorative soft display, used as a pillow, made into a chair, a fort, irl minecraft building, or anything else desired.

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