...and the moon will be removed

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"Immediately after the distress of those days "'the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.'"  - Matthew 24:29

After the tribulation everyone will then turn next to the moon afraid of what will happen to it and it will be removed.  From what I have seen we will loose the moon.  The heavenly bodies will be shaken.  I suppose that the sun gets darker and then people look to the moon afraid of what will happen to it and it is removed.  Apparently the stars also.

This may seem improbable but it makes perfect sense with advanced plasma physics.  The sun induces the earths gravitational field.  Gravity is not based on mass.  The sun creates a gravity between it and the planets but for a planet to be able to induce gravity on other bodies is another story.  Likely when the sun leaves the main sequence and starts running out of energy then the earth will start to loose its gravitational field (like mars has) and the moon will be ejected.  The sun might be able to reenter the main sequence later on but the damage to earth may be done, this might be what happened to mars at some point in the past.  Scientists have also discovered "missing stars" since the 1950's so I think it is common for stars to leave the main sequence and possibly come back later.  It could be when stars go through the "dark rift" as the mayans called it where the aether is low density and there isn't much aether for the star to spin into matter using magnetic unity.  Other nearby stars will also be going through this dark rift and we will loose them as they go missing and can no longer be seen.

I didn't think this tribulation coming in 2024 was the real and main tribulation talked about in the bible, it is likely another 600-1200 years before the real end times and we loose the moon since we are in the 4th seal right now having already seen the pale green horse as ISON in 2013 and waiting for hades to come (apophis) in 2029.  I don't think we will loose the moon soon but I could be wrong.

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