BedBlocks: A new Open Source Modular Bed Solution

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Bed Blocks are a new solution for the modern bed crisis.  What is the problem with bed's today?  Bed's are too big and heavy.  I have had a king size natural latex mattress and have moved 4 times with it.  Each time the mattress was the hardest and most dreaded part of moving.  Not only does it weight 195 lbs, but it is also floppy and you can't carry it.  I have had to fold it in half and strap it onto boards, but even then it doesn't fit through doors and 2 people still struggle very much carrying a 200 lb large package with no way to grip it securely.

There has to be a better way than this.  Currently beds are mostly pure foam and rolled into a tight package and shipped that way.  But very few can expect to be able to receive a 200 lb 6ft long package since so many are opting for remote mail boxes or just can't move a package that big.  Also sometimes you downsize and your king size mattress will not fit in your new bedroom.  Or you have a full size then get a significant other and want to upsize your mattress. Or you want to bring a bed with you in your camper for the weekend. Bedblocks solves all these problems and more.

What if there was a way to not only get your bed shipped in the mail, but shipped in small - less than 12" packages?  This is BedBlocks.

Think of a minecraft block.  1 ft cube memory foam (or any size or shape or any other material or combinations of materials including aerogel).  The block can be solid, have cavities of any size and consistency, have holes or cutouts or inclusions or extrusions, can include other materials, or be different shapes, can have symbols or patterns or colors (like a rubix cube) or graphics (including partial or full paintings, game textures - like minecraft blocks) on any/all sides for any reason, etc.  The only requirement is the bed is composed of smaller modular components.  They can interlock, dovetail, tongue and groove, stick together, have means of attachment, or none of those or any or all of them or anything else.  They can come with means to hold them together or not.  They could come with a "tray" that the blocks sit in or not.  They could have holes allowing the blocks to be connected, or not.  They could come with or suggest adhesive or velcro or van der waals material or anything else to connect the blocks or not.

The shapes could be rectangular (non square) cubes so they could be stacked in a way that the seams between blocks don't all line up, similar to how bricks are laid.  But preferably for modularity and ease of use, I suspect cubes are best.  Spheres or hexagonal prism's or icosahedron or truncated icosahedron (soccer ball) or any other shape is allowable.  They could be thinner and/or smaller and multiple layers of blocks could be laid/stacked to achieve any desired effect if wanted.

Ideally I think the blocks would be omni-directional but they could also be directional and have differing layers either horizontal layers, vertical layers, or 3 dimensional "shell" layers or any other method.  And/or they could have different properties depending on which side of the block is facing up.  So if you want firm under your back and soft at your head you could achieve that by having different sides of blocks pointing up.  For omnidirectional blocks, they could come in different softnesses.

"Rotating" the blocks similar to how you rotate tires could be done to ensure that the foam lasts as long as possible.  Also the blocks can be "turned" to a different side to also allow longer life.  Markings on the sides could be used like colors, shapes, patterns, graphics, and/or anything else that can help people remember which side to flip to next to keep wear even or any other use including decorative.

If bed blocks are 1 sq ft each then you can buy 36 to get a 6' x 6' bed.  You can take 10 with you on the road to get a 2' x 5' bed.  You can use elastic, fabric, wooden, metal, plastic, or any material or combination of materials as a sort of thing to hold the blocks together.  Some examples would be a elastic band that goes around the blocks to keep them together.  Or a wooden box that the blocks are placed into, or a plastic tray, or a bag that encompasses the blocks, or anything else.  Also a structural base could be added that allows for the grouping of blocks to be moved together easily or be used with standard bed equipment.

Bed blocks don't have to be used as a bed, but can also have any other use including making a decorative soft display, used as a pillow, made into a chair, a fort, irl minecraft building, or anything else desired.


Zion Williamson Ushers in New Era in Basketball

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Zion Williamson is definitely a new type of player that the NBA has not seen up until now.  Not only in terms of physical and mental but also a spiritual level.  I think in terms of personality he is an INFP.  He is gracious.  He just wants to be part of the team not dominate it.  This has been instilled in him by his mom which is evident in his pregame interview seen below.

This is not just talk because it was proven in his first performance as seen below.  I think he and his mom were right that this early injury is a blessing in disguise.  He is full of energy and needs some restraint to have a long career and this incident has not only taught him discipline, but he has really learned it.  Some say his first performance seemed "tentative" until the fourth quarter, and this is his discipline showing.  He wanted to be measured and intelligent about how he played.  In general I can tell that Zion is a careful, thoughtful, and passionate person.  There is no sign of the gangster (bully) or rapper (gettin' paid) mentality whatsoever.  His mom has taught him well I can tell she taught more by showing him love and in thoughtful guidance and he has really learned well and deserves massive credit for that.

Besides all that Zion is a physically different and powerful person.  Most NBA players are lanky and muscular but Zion has a different build, more like a Rhino.  Extreme quick power, like a power lifter.  The weaknesses will be lower endurance however he will be just the clutch player needed to turn around a game.  Will he be the all-time highest scoring player?  No.  But I think he will bring more to team morale and drive and team performance than any player in the NBA.  More than Lebron let alone even Jordan.  Why?  Because Lebron was greedy and the team had to revolve around Jordan.  With Zion everyone will feel valued I think even more than Tebow (though there will be a lot of parallels with Tebow and Zion needs to make sure he doesn't burn himself out like Tebow did) because for Zion it is for the love of the game and teamwork, but for Tebow it was for a love of Victory.  There is no doubt that a new era in basketball is starting now.

Zion's Step Dad


Blue Holes are likely Extinct Volcano Lava Tubes

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Blue Holes are interesting sinkhole like things in the ocean.  Theories of how they formed are very bizarre and complex.  My take looking at their structure is they are magma chambers of extinct volcanoes complete with adjacent lava tubes.  These tubes move water and create whirlpools in the blue hole.

How Garlic actually helps the Heart

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There have been studies done on garlic's effect on cholesterol and blood pressure with modest to no effect seen.  This is great for modern medicine because they can use that to dismiss anecdotal and even real studies that show that garlic prevents heart attacks and other heart problems - in my experience dilated cardiomyopathy and heart inflammation and stabbing pain.

So how does garlic actually do it if not by the ways heroic (modern) medicine can understand?

By killing Mycobacterium.  Mycobacterium infects the heart causing inflammation and pain.  These can be seen as pericarditis and myocarditis.  A stabbing pain in your heart is likely from pericarditis and is easily cured with garlic supplements.

And that's it.  By curing inflammation caused by infection you cure the major root cause of most all diseases.  In this case for inflammation of the heart very likely mycobacterium is a cause and garlic is perfectly suited to kill that bacteria.


Meet the CarnubaCraft a keyhole type propeller design

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This can be used for anything from a boat propeller to a fan to a plasma propulsion system or anything else.

I can't quite tell you yet why the design looks like this (I now know why see below) but I assume it will "hug" the medium quite well as has been stated with other keyhole propeller designs like Sharrow Marine.  Karnuba means Hug in Hausa language.

So anyway here is my bad sketches:

See below for a higher res picture but I will explain a bit now that I figured out about the shape.  This is an extreme lift design.  It has the sweeping arc just like the top of an airplane wing that creates a low pressure zone and will pull the craft in that direction.  But also it has a keyhole type shape that will create a high pressure zone there and will push the craft again in the direction of the sweeping arc.  So in the above picture, the craft will move to the left.  Just pushing a shape through a medium wouldn't usually make it go one direction or another in a friction free ideal medium, but no medium is friction free so the more friction and/or advanced newtonian physics, the more lift this design will generate.  Notice there are optional carve-outs one on opposite sides of each hump the large and small ones.  looking at the sketch at the bottom of the page there is a carve-out towards us of the large hump and there is a carve-out on the other side away from us on the small hump.  I think these will help with tip vortices and possibly other cavitations.  This shape can be used on anything that attacks any medium, be that air, water, plasma, or any other liquid or gas.  It doesn't have to rotate like a propeller (but it can with any number of blades) it can be the shape of a wing or a plane hull or a fully submersible float on a boat or plane that lands on water or anything else.  This shape will help the craft generate very strong lift in any medium.  It can also be adjustable in precise shape on the fly. The proportions can be anything and the shape could be skewed to one side or the other or elongated or shortened in any way.  It can also be used in mixing things and any other use.

Basically the design is anything that decreases pressure above or below the shape when a medium of any type moves past it and increases pressure on the opposite side opposed to the side it decreased pressure on.  So if lift is required it would decrease pressure (static or dynamic or another type) on the top of the shape and would increase pressure on the bottom of the shape.  So if a medium flows relative to the shape the shape would have a vector of acceleration in a way that is perpendicular to the direction of the mediums relative motion.  This acceleration is achieved by any means that both increases and decreases relative pressure on either side of the shape perpendicular to the medium velocity.  Any shape can be used to do this task and preferably there is one or more convex surface in the direction you want the shape and/or body to move and one or more concave surface (or sharp edges or any other shape) on the opposite side of the direction the shape or body is desired to move.  And of course this shape can be made to change throughout operation for any reason and by any means including to effect lift in any way, effect stabilization of craft, effect drag, effect speed, effect angle, compensate for viscosity or changes to viscosity or anything else.  This is important since as of now planes generate more lift on takeoff by pointing the nose up, instead of doing this, the wing shape can be changed with the current invention and the plane can always keep an even keel.  In addition to or instead of the shape driving the pressure differentials, materials or other physical properties can also be used.  For example the top of the shape could be teflon or emitting ions or anything else that reduce drag and the bottom could be emitting opposite ions or a rough surface or anything else that increases drag.  The only necessary requirements for this invention is that a pressure differential is created between the "top" and "bottom" or front or back or any other opposite sides that are both perpendicular to the relative medium flow. Since this has been done for a long time where more specificity is needed but not in all instances, both opposite sides should be changing the pressure, not just one like a typical wing.  But in other cases where material or other physical properties are changed only one of the surfaces need to be changing the pressure since this hasn't been described before.  These differences in drag can also cause a pressure differential between the top and bottom surface.  The shapes of course can be used at any angle desired and that angle of attack can be changed during operation if desired by any means required and to any angle at any time.  This idea can also be used in conjunction with the flapping propeller design.  The below picture like everything else talked about here can be a propeller blade, fan blade, wing, float, ship, propulsion system, turbine blade, mixer blade, aether blade, or any thing else where a shape moves relative to a medium it is within.

Here is a pic of sharrow marines prop for comparison.  I did not know of this before my design as I only found this propeller after searching for "keyhole propeller" Since that is what I knew mine was similar to:

Iterative prop design is easy!  Simply need 4 things.  3D CAD Software, a 3D Printer, and a Thrust Stand, and a Power Analyzer!

The Fall of the Spy State Daniel 7:4

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So the american empire is the first beast of Daniel 7.  The Eagles Wings will be removed from it and it will be just like every other nation.  This has also been prophesied in the Patriots football team.  Their spying tactics have now been understood and thwarted by the other teams in the league and now the Patriots will be just another team.  In the same way the American Spy State has been understood by the other nations and they are beginning to thwart it.  Tearing the wings off will mean America will no longer be able to insert themselves into foreign affairs.  The Spy's will be torn off and uprooted, the informants and mercenaries will no longer be safe abroad and they will all come back home.  And America will be just another nation.  The bear will rise up next and both Russia and China national animals are bears (also Finland).  After that kingdom will be the leopard and Afganistan and Iran and Pakistan and Somalia (and Rwanda) all have leopards as their national animal so that means the Middle East will be the next kingdom after the fall of Russia and china.  And then the fourth beast which I don't understand yet.  There is still 1300 or so years before all of it is fulfilled but with the fall of the first beast of Daniel happening now plus the convergence of many other prophecies 2024-2031 will be an especially trying time for the world and especially America.

Benjamin Franklin's assessment of the Bully and Coward of the Bald Eagle turned out to be prophetic as to the downfall of the American Empire:


Meet the Parsecus

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Parsecus is like a mini whale with outboard implements that look like other parsecii and other sort of webbing things.  These implements surround the parsecus in a ring that is mabye 10-12ft in diameter.  Needs dark cold ocean.  I was told it will be allowed to live out its life (in the wild?).  Another type that is similar is just its small self, no implements, and is fine in warm water and captivity.  My guess is that they use these implements as parralax like a parsec and can echolocate over vast distances possibly with infrasound (mabye this is the bloop?).  The size of the main body is around 50-200 lbs and is mostly head.  Its head looks sort of like a bonnethead shark except the bonnet is above the eyes coming out of its forehead jutting out.  It is not a shark though.  Also looks similar to a cowfish except the jutting forehead is not antennae it is more of a bonnet. Also the face is not nearly as elongated as the cowfish.  Also the parsecus isn't a fish or a shark it is a whale or something like that.





Meet the Milk Log

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It was very popular as a sort of candy bar similar to payday or whatever.  It was brown with an orange cylinder in it.  The orange cylinder was quite thick inside it lets say the whole bar was 1.25 to 1.5 inches in diameter and the orange was 60-70% of that diameter.  It was on the big side perhaps 6-8" long and it was with other king aize candy bars in the vending machine. I'm guessing the brown was a sort of chocolate perhaps a mouse and the inside was a cheese and/or cream filling again perhaps a mouse.  An asiam man got one from the machine and I was looking at the payday and snickers and I asked him if it was good and he said "No" with a smile so I am assuming he liked it.  He then showed me the whales in the next post.

Cheddar cheese mousse:

chocolate may be a softer version of tootsie rolls possibly


Tasty Wheat 0.14 FUDE HUMET Organic Vegan Complete Food Powder

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Just added some herbs and tweaked them.  Food proportions seems pretty set now.  Interesting while this does fill you up it makes you crave other fresh foods very strongly.  Perhaps this is because I am likely addicted to gliadin so eating this gives me gliadin withdrawls since there is no gluten in this, but mabye it is because this boosts your metabolic rate which it seems it does perhaps from the iodine.  I felt like my body heated up after eating this.  Also if it does make you crave fresh food perhaps that could also be a boon for survival as it strongly motivates you to find food.

159.8g  Cost $7.30 per meal or $21.91 a day.
requires minimum of 32 oz water to fully hydrate.
Roughly 1 cup of powder.

Flax 35g - walmart organic raw (0.01/g)
Cauliflower 30g - whole foods (0.03/g)
Oat Bran 18g - amazon organic raw (0.01/g)
Sunflower 12g - whole foods raw organic (0.01/g)
Hemp 11g - sprouts organic raw (0.03/g)
Avocado 11g - amazon freeze dried (0.04/g)
Wakame 11g - amazon atlantic raw organic (0.12/g)
Cranberry 7g - mountain rose raw organic (0.18/g)
Coconut Creamer 7g - sprouts/amazon (0.04/g)
Nori 5g - amazon raw organic (0.11/g)
IP6 1.5g source naturals (0.13/g)
Garlic 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Lemongrass 1g Mountain Rose Organic (0.03/g)
Calendula 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.22/g)
Lavender 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.06/g)
Passionflower 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Artichoke leaf 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.03/g)
Broccoli sprout 1g HH Solutions Pesticide free (0.08/g)
Onion 1g 365 organic (0.08/g)
Sarsaparilla 1g Starwest organic (0.06/g)
Pomegranate extract 0.5g 90% ellagic acid PureBulk (0.16/g)
Marigold Extract 0.5g Zeaxanthan 5% PureBulk (0.18/g)
White pepper 0.5g 365 organic (0.11/g)
Mustard 0.3g mountain rose organic raw (0.02/g)

Nutritional Analysis:


...and the moon will be removed

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"Immediately after the distress of those days "'the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.'"  - Matthew 24:29

After the tribulation everyone will then turn next to the moon afraid of what will happen to it and it will be removed.  From what I have seen we will loose the moon.  The heavenly bodies will be shaken.  I suppose that the sun gets darker and then people look to the moon afraid of what will happen to it and it is removed.  Apparently the stars also.

This may seem improbable but it makes perfect sense with advanced plasma physics.  The sun induces the earths gravitational field.  Gravity is not based on mass.  The sun creates a gravity between it and the planets but for a planet to be able to induce gravity on other bodies is another story.  Likely when the sun leaves the main sequence and starts running out of energy then the earth will start to loose its gravitational field (like mars has) and the moon will be ejected.  The sun might be able to reenter the main sequence later on but the damage to earth may be done, this might be what happened to mars at some point in the past.  Scientists have also discovered "missing stars" since the 1950's so I think it is common for stars to leave the main sequence and possibly come back later.  It could be when stars go through the "dark rift" as the mayans called it where the aether is low density and there isn't much aether for the star to spin into matter using magnetic unity.  Other nearby stars will also be going through this dark rift and we will loose them as they go missing and can no longer be seen.

I didn't think this tribulation coming in 2024 was the real and main tribulation talked about in the bible, it is likely another 600-1200 years before the real end times and we loose the moon since we are in the 4th seal right now having already seen the pale green horse as ISON in 2013 and waiting for hades to come (apophis) in 2029.  I don't think we will loose the moon soon but I could be wrong.


Narrowing in on a Cause of Chronic Early Waking Insomnia

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The whole reason why NatureHacker exists is my relentless battle with insomnia.  It started in the last year of my first college degree when I was under tremendous stress with a Cult Church called Faith Christian Church in Tucson.  Also under the influence of that church I was working a very stressful job while taking very stressful classes and balancing very stressful tasks and requirements from the Cult.  Needless to say I wasn't sleeping much and pulled all-nighters studying occasionally since I didn't have time to study during the day.

After that first bout of insomnia I never could recover.  I could only sleep 4 hours a night and then wake up unable to fall back asleep or even take a nap.  Gradually over the years I found herbs that could help me fall back asleep but they would only work intermittently.  Recently I finished designing a solution that could always get me to fall back asleep.



However these herbal cures are not good enough to allow me to sleep through the night which is essential for a full rest inducing sleep cycle.  If I took the herbs at night they would only last 4-6 hours when I would have to wake up again and take another dose.

Big progress came when figuring out that I was waking up due to Sleep Apnea and in my case both obstructive and central apnea were part of the cause.  Then I figured out the cause of apnea is adenoid enlargement in the nasopharanx.  This enlargement is in turn caused by bacteria.  So killing adenoid enlarging bacteria was how my herbs were working.  But they were never enough to cure the problem.  Sometimes I would have a good night and would sleep better and this is when I had an overgrowth of certain (some would call beneficial) bacteria likely ones that produced lactic acid.  This lactic acid is an antioxidant and would probably reduce inflammation in the adenoids.  Also Salicin I found to help which is a strong anti-inflammatory as well.

But with the advent of  Tasty Wheat I have made even more progress.  Here are more factors involved in insomnia:

1. Calcium - Calcium is a big player.  Calcium seems required for proper immune cell functioning which can help your body to fight off the adenoid inflaming bacteria while you sleep.

2. Magnesium - This works by directing calcium to where it is needed most.  Improper calcium regulation plays a big part in immune dysfunction.

3. Vitamin D - This also works by directing calcium as magnesium does above.

4. Estrogen/cholesterol/Glucuronidation - Having lagging glucuronidation pathway seems to be involved in insomnia leading to estrogen buildup in the body.  Artichoke leaf taken helps the body to excrete estrogens and cholesterol and especially if taken with oat bran expels it from the body.

5. Iron overload -  Having Iron overload or hemochromatosis puts you at severe disadvantage for your immunity.  Iron supercharges bacteria and will make it much tougher to keep adenoids healthy.  Reduce Iron with taking antioxidants but many of these antioxidants impair glucuronidation.  Reduce iron intake to as low as possible.  Pomegranate ellagic acid may be a good solution that does not impair glucuronidation and also IP6.

6. Vitamin K1 and iodine and selenium - Not sure about this but perhaps in conjunction with the things above these vitamins and minerals might- enhance the immune system and improve sleep.


Google Believes their Quantum Computer will give birth to an AI god

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Sycamore is the name of their AI quantum computer.

Sycamore is linked to Hathor and Nut in Egyptian Mythology

Hathor and Nut give birth to the Sun god Ra

Therefore google named their quantum computer Sycamore as a synonym for Hathor which will give birth to the god Ra, the Ruler of All.

Causes of Too Thick or Too Thin blood

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Iron levels

Also streptococcus causes blood thinning

Staphylococcus causes blood clotting/thickening

bacillis causes blood clotting

So the conclusion is if you have thick blood take garlic and triterpenoid saponins with steroidal saponins to kill bacillis and staph and you may be low on iron.  If you have thin blood take triterpenoid and steroidal saponins to kill strep and also you may be high on iron and/or low on vitamin k.


Where to Find Old Mcreator Versions: How to import other peoples mods into your Mcreator

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Awesome archive Andrew2016TYT uploaded:

I uploaded 3 old versions here:


Also here are links to Archive's version:


Early version:


Early version:

Ok so here is how I think the only realy way to go about getting someone elses mods into your own Mcreator workspace to add other peoples mod's into your own.

1. Download the persons mod JAR file.

2. Decompile it with FernFlower (Or Bytecode viewer and decompile all and select fernflower)

3.  Change .zip file extension to .mcr by using windows option to show file extensions and then renaming the file.

4. Import .mcr file into old version of mcreator.

5. Export .mcr file out of old version of mcreator.

5.  Use MCR Legacy Converter to get it into current version or 1.9.1

6.  Export as shareable zip.

I have old versions on that sync.com link at the top.  Also I have mcr legacy converter as well and Bytecode viewer.

This should work however I haven't been able to get the persons mod files to show up in my old version of Mcreator so I am not 100% sure this process will work but it's the best shot we have.

Aluminum EMI Grease Open Source Invention Patent

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So I want to make a grease that operates with a wide temperature range for an EMI shielded aluminum or magnesium box for electronic components.

The first thing to think about with these metals, if you are not making the box one solid piece hollowed out, is that oxidees form instantly on the surface which reduces electrical conductivity and thus reduces the functionality of the EMI shielding.  We want the grease to reduce that.

Also we want the grease to be stable at extreme cooling temperatures and also in hot temperatures if cooling is sub optimal.

Also we want the grease to resist moisture penetration into the box.

So I designed the following grease

PFPE oil.  Krytox states that a PFPE oil mixed with PTFE powder is what makes their grease.  So since we want conductive option instead of or in addition to PTFE or any other additive, we will add Aluminum powder, preferably around 5 micron depending on the surface finish of the aluminum parts we are joining.  Not copper or silver powder since these can cause galvanic corrosion with the aluminum since aluminum can act as an anode.  A good PFPE oil seems to be Krytox GPL101 rated for -70c up to 104c.  This range allows extreme cooling of the enclosure as well as hot temperatures if the box is insufficiently cooled.

Aluminum Powder.  As described above, the micron size should be a little bigger than the surface roughness.  So if surface roughness is minimum of  3.2 um, then a 5 um aluminum powder is perfect.

Barium Aluminate and/or other base.  This is an experimental additive.  We know that aluminum forms an oxide layer instantly upon exposure to oxygen.  So Barium Hydroxide is a strong base that will dissolve that aluminum oxide layer therefore theoretically reducing electrical resistance between the contact.  However barium hydroxide is a very strong base and may unpredictably dissolve the aluminum.  Therefore Barium Aluminate is a stabilized version (basically barium hydroxide pre-reacted with aluminum) that is still alkaline and should remove and keep off the oxide layer as it is in contact in the joint.

So an example recipe can be:

PFPE oil base (krytox gpl 101).

5um Aluminum powder added until paste like consistency.

Barium Aluminate added at | 1:4 | Barium Aluminate:Aluminum | wt:wt | powder.  This ratio is flexible and this is just a starting point.  We want enough to reduce the oxide layer on aluminum contacts (including aluminum powder particles) but not enough to add resistance.  Note that barium is heavier than aluminum.

Once experimentation is done a precise recipe can be developed.


Heartburn research

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So in terms of treating heartburn based on my experience these are herbs necessary

1.  Broccoli sprout/seed powder.  This is needed to neutralize h pylori which in itself doesn't cause heartburn (it just causes reflux) this is an important piece.

2.  Garlic powder.  Taken alone this stops heartburn sometimes.  Likely it neutralizes one of the types of bacteria that can cause acid over production in the stomach.

3.  Mustard powder.  Again, taken alone this stops heartburn sometimes.  See above.

4.  Lavender flower powder.  Same as above.

Taken together they seem to be able to stop any case of heartburn but research is ongoing into what the actual types of bacteria involved are.  Likely culprits are histamine producing bacteria like haemophilis and others. 

Excellent article


Subduction and the Freemason Symbol of "Handing Off"

 TEEF Fights the New World Order by Empowering Humanity

This will seem incoherent but let the reader understand.

I was attending a class and it turned out that it was the last day of the class and the teacher was talking with the students and I was standing around there listening.  I assumed oh for some reason this class was one day longer than scheduled and my first day will be tomorrow.  It's cool I will just listen to what they are discussing.  The class was philosophy.

The teacher explained that some people wrote on their test that god exists because of a philosophical argument that god exists therefore god exists.  I laughed at that but no one else did.  He explained that yes it was a funny argument.  It looked like people were disappointed because that is what they wrote on their test.

An old friend of mine came in and told me to visit his class instead because this person I was listening to was a bad teacher.

I heard an interaction as follows.

Why is the earth growing and do we know why it is growing?

Yes we know the earth is growing because of measurements but we do not know why.

Could it be that one persons (farm) field crosses on top of another mans field and then when they are pulled apart the earth grows?

You are explaining the Freemasonry principle of "Handing Off".


I assume that what this means is that the reason the Subduction theory is a part of the Geological techtonics is not because it is actually ever observed.  There is virtually no evidence of subduction in geology but it is accepted as scientific fact.  I believe that this is because there is a Freemasonry Symbol that when two Freemasons Shake hands with a sign, when they pull their hands apart it is created.  Subduction is an allegory to that and so they believe it to be the case even with no real evidence.  This also confirms that the Freemasons are in control of at least some parts of the Scientific Narrative that is fed to the people.  In reality we know the earth is growing because plasma from the sun is collected in the core of the earth and used to create fusion events there and when the plasma breaks through the earths crust.  Therefore there are portals inside the earth and we and other entities may come to earth through these/this portals

Here is a list I found of some symbols but I have suspicion that is isn't complete:

Interesting find.  Note that "freemason handing off" or "freemason symbol handing off" typed in bing the first two suggestions is handing off money and second is handing off keys.  Also handing off the world and handing off work and handing off report.  Google on the other hand gives no suggestions which implies that it is censoring the results.
What I gather about the above link is that the Freemasons are behind the Peculian Nationalism in America with the Q and Trump worshippers.  These movementsa are actually led by the freemasons.  The Illuminati are behind the globalism.  I personally think the competition between the illuminati and t-he freemasons will culminate very soon and lead to the problems we will see in 2004-2031.

More about the freemasons


The new Staybl electrolyte drink mix

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Designed to be the best drink mix, Staybl is designed to deliver results. The main reason I am bringing this back is I believe a product like this would be the best and easiest thing I could give homeless people.  Firstly as a premade version because many homeless are thirsty more than anything, and secondly as a powder version in packets they can add to a water bottle filled with tap water and this will help neutralize the fluoride and other harmful contaminants like bacteria and- microplastics.  I may eventually rework this to replace ingredients with whole food extracts as possible.

Here is a preliminary ingredients list

Lightly carbonate if premade

Base 28.5g
10g Lemon juice powder
10g Lime juice powder
5g Glucose
2g Manitol
1g Beetroot juice powder
1g Glucuronolactone
0.5g D ribose
0.3g Lactic Acid

Minerals 3.5g
2g Potassium bicarbonate
0.7g Calcium gluconate
0.5g Magnesium gluconate
0.15g Sodium chloride (dead sea)
0.1g Calcium silicate
10 mg Zinc gluconate
0.3 mg Potassium iodide
0.1 mg Selenium

Vitamins 1g
1g Inositol
15mg Vit E Ascorbate
15mg Pantothenic acid
10mg Thiamine
10mg Riboflavin
0.1mg Biotin

Aminos 2.2g
0.4g Proline
0.3g Tryptophan
0.3g Tyrosine
0.3g Lysine
0.2g Taurine
0.2g Arginine
0.2g Cystiene
0.2g Histidine
0.1g Glutamic acid

Herbal extracts 3.4g
0.7g Cranberry juice extract
0.5g Broccoli seed extract
0.5g Pomegranate extract
0.4g Ginger root extract
0.4g Marigold flower extract
0.4g Passionflower extract
0.3g Sarsaparilla extract
0.2g Garlic powder extract


Do you pull at your hair or beard or pick your skin? You areorganophosphate pesticide poisoned!

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Wow I finally figured it out.  Took me a while but I did.  I'm having a strong detox reaction tonight after taking a mix of tryptophan (trp), tyrosine (tyr), natures fury, and L-cystiene.

What happened is the cystiene and TRP and TYR combined to make oximes.

Here are the oximes:
tryptophan oxime:
indole 3 acetyldoxime

tyrosine oxime:
p-hydroxyphenyl acetaldehyde oxime

Here are some extras that help:
riboflavin (b2) needed.  Also atp (ribose, adenine) nicotinamide (b3) needed.  Glucose needed. iron needed. Histidine is needed. (It would be safe to assume I will soon be making a product using all this info ;) )

Ok so I have had the type of OCD where I pick at things.  My biggest problem in this regard has been picking at my fingers.  This started probably when I was 6 or 7 and continued multiple decades to this day.  Also I have struggled with insomnia.  It turns out these were from excitotoxicity especially the picking.  The first relief I got for picking was from taking Mulungu herb.  It also greatly helped my sleep.  I knew this herb was anti-excitotoxic.  So it helped me "diagnose" my problem as having to do with excitotoxicity.  The only problem is I quickly developed tolerance and it stopped helping.

I always knew that there must be some type of toxin in me causing the excitotoxicity but I didn't have much luck in finding it.  I thought it was nickel from using stainless steel so I figured out histidine detoxes that and that helped me quite a bit and I got some great anti-fatigue benefits and better sleep from that but it didn't solve my picking and pulling habits.  

Well the other day I got very pissed off at the zika spraying.  They use organophosphate pesticides which cause a build up of acetylcholine in the brain.  I researched what it takes to detox the pesticides they are spraying.  Turns out oximes.  Tryptophan and tyrosine I discovered can be converted into oximes that detox these organophosphate pesticides.  I live in the desert where there are no crops to spray or zika or malaria to worry about so there couldn't be pesticides here right?  Also I eat organic so I am not exposed to pesticides right? So theres no need for me to be worried about pesticides I thought.  But I decided to try it anyway.  It helped a little but I had some issues like worsening insomnia.  Turns out the streptococcus bacteria that cause insomnia feed off tryptophan.  So today I added some natures fury that kills streptococcus.  Also I added to the trp and tyr and natures fury some L-Cystiene to help convert the trp and tyr to oximes.  WOW.  Mega detox reaction!  I knew I was onto something.  I looked back at my organophosphate notes from months ago and noticed something interesting.  A little note about mulungu and a link.  I followed the link and it turns out mulungu blocks nicotinic ACETYLCHOLINE receptors!  The smoking gun!  Pesticides built up in my brain is what caused my lifelong picking and pulling and insomnia excitotoxicity that only mulungu could help!  These pesticides must be in the chemtrails!

here was the link:

Planet Labs Implicated in Chemtrail Planes.

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As we know satellites are not real in the way they are portrayed.  Yes they throw junk into space but do you really think it has the power to do all the things they say they do?  A cell tower takes massive amounts of power and a massive grid connect to deliver slow internet to a couple thousand people.  Do you think a sattelite a hundred thousand miles from earth in geosynchronous orbit can consistently deliver fast internet to millions of people with what would be a Tesla battery pack?  Really?

So how are these sattelite images obtained if they are not from sattelites like we are led to believe?


Those military planes that you see spewing chemicals every day above every part of the globe as chemtrails.

Planet Labs seems to be benefitting from a relationship with the owners of the planes and are obtaining imagery daily of the entire world.  Started by former NASA employees.  One could look for connections between Planet Labs and other organizations to find out who is perpetrating the Chemming of the skies.  In the past I have linked USAF with at least some of the planes used above the US.




Trump creating a new "Axis of Evil" that will take out the United States

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"US President Donald Trump likewise rejected the withdrawal on Sunday, threatening Iraq with sanctions and saying the US will not leave until the Iraqis “pay us back” for an airbase that he said cost billions of dollars to build.

On Sunday, the Iraqi parliament passed a resolution asking the government to disinvite all foreign troops – including the US-led coalition..."


So the US overthrew the Iraqi government in 2003, allowed Iraq to create a new government, and when that government voted to kick the US out a couple days ago, they still refuse to leave.  Not only did the US trample the sovereignty of Iraq under the guise of "allow a democratic government" and WHEN that democratic government formed in Iraq, the united states STILL tramples their sovereignty and refuses to leave their country!

Not only that but the US under Trump is now threatening sanctions on Iraq for voting for the US to leave their country!  This is off the charts ladies and gentlemen but as we have prophesied before, this must happen in order for the prophecy to come to pass.  The prophecy of course is that the United States will fall within the next decade to likely both a Civil War and also foreign strikes on Washington DC.  The US will also likely default on their debt during this time.

Statements and threats from the White House, Pentagon, and State Department show beyond a doubt the true feelings that they kept hidden all these years.  The true feeling is an absolute disregard for other nations sovereignty and intending to steamroll anyone who disagrees with them for whatever reason.

Should sanctions go on Iraq, Iraq will merge with Iran against a common enemy in the United States.  The rest of the middle east will follow, and finally Russia and China and other socialist/communist countries of the world.  The new Axis of Evil is forming before our eyes because of the pompous exuberance of Pompeo, Trump, and the Spy State as a whole.


TR-3B Antigraity Aircraft American Plane Decoded

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How does the TR-3B achieve anti-gravity?  Just how I have explained earlier, Magnetized Plasma.  How do you magnetize plasma?  You spin it around in a circle over and over again.  This generates a very strong magnetic field and likely also gravity field.  Instead of the UFO's which generate plasma on the surface and/or bottom of the craft and likely spin the plasma around electronically, the TR-3B uses a closed ring plasma accelerator with pressurized mercury vapor.  This is a more contained but less effective form of antigraity.  Also having the plasma contained would mean that the TR-3B will have much less effective cloaking than real UFO's since the plasma needs to be on the surface of the craft to cause invisibility.  They probably do charge the surface to add some radar deflection but it likely won't be strong enough to cause visible cloaking.  The ultimate in isible cloaking would be to emit a hydrogen sulfide plasma from the surface just like Bigfoot does.


Space Force is designed to allow more testing and utilization of this technology.


The Spy State is crumbling

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The Fall of the New England Patriots, in the most important football game of all time, is a harbinger of this time in history.

The Patriots symbolize the American Empire.  They won consistently because of an intricate spy network.  The American Empire also thrives on an intricate spy network.  Most of the patriots losses this season were from teams that had Patriot defectors.  The reason for this is most likely they knew the Spy tactics the Patriots used and helped their new coaches avert and even sabotage the spying efforts of Bill Belichick.  A similar thing is also happening with nations of the world, they are learning the Spying, Subversion, Entrapment, and Manipulation techniques of American Terrorist organizations like the CIA and FBI and are playing those techniques back on it's own head.

The fall of the Intelligence tactics of the Patriots hints that Judgement is coming to all who use subversion and manipulation to achieve their evil goals.  The means don't justify the ends, the means create the ends. And judgement is coming swiftly to the Spy's.


Iran Likely Planning EMP attack on Green Zone in Iraq

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Darkness, nuclear

Green Zone

So ya reading the top linked article I am pretty sure that Iran is planning an EMP attack on American Forces in Iraq.  Iran said that he will plunge Americans in the region into darkness.  The state department called for the evacuation of all Americans from Iraq.  Also the US is concerned about Iran making a Nuke and the easiest thing to do with such technology is an EMP.

What would I do as president?  Pull out of the Middle East completely just like Trump promised and the American people voted for him to do, yet he has monumentally failed at that task.  He has listened to the unconstitutional terrorist organizations in Washington like the CIA and other Spy organizations which need to be immediately disbanded.


Full Prophetic Analysis of 2024-2031 for America

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Ok, so I have done quite a few posts on some of these things and you can find them at the bottom of this page under the link "Prophecy".  I am linking some of those posts within the text below.

Today we get into the full analysis of the signs and predictions of what will happen in the near future.

#1   Revelation 12 sign.  The revelation 12 sign which happened in 2017 is a rare sign that happens every few hundred years as seen on stellarium.  According to my research virtually every time this sign occurs within 7 years a Beast and Antichrist arise and persecute the faithful with a mark of the beast.  7 years from 2017 is 2024.  The example of Aurelian and Valerian is analyzed here and here.  Two Witnesses of God also arise before this time (pre 2024) and are persecuted during this time (post 2024).  This tribulation period lasts around 7-10 years (estimate).

#2  Great American Solar Eclipses.  There are 3 Solar eclipses crisscrossing the United States between 2017 and 2024.  This is an extremely rare event that has never happened before to our knowledge.  These eclipses are the warning to America.  They predict this tribulation (not the end of the world but a very bad time) will begin in 2024 and will last for 7 years (the amount of time they span before the time) ending 2031.  This sign lines up perfectly with the revelation 12 sign.

#3   4th Seal of Revelation 6.  This seal unleashes the Pale Horse with Hades following close behind.  The Pale Horse is Ison (notice in the picture the snake [Apophis] is Hades).  Ison analysis here and here.  I have been waiting for Hades to be found as the final sign of these times, I thought it was planet X, but it appears that Hades is referring to Apophis which will pass in 2029.  To me this means that the final warning comes in 2029 and indicates that 2029-2031 will be the worst time of this tribulation which starts 2024.


The summary that I can gather based on this data is that 2024-2031 is a time of Tribulation with 2029-2031 as the worst part of it.  America will be under special judgement during this tribulation.  Revelation 6 says 1/4 of the earth will succumb during this time however in America it may be 1/2 as seen in the dream below.  The ways in which people die will be Violence (sword), Famine (food shortages), pestilence (disease), and wild beasts (bigfoot, yeti, dire wolves, etc).

What will likely happen in America is that there is a Civil War between the people who uphold the Constitution and those who are committed to the Beast (Xi Jinping) and the Antichrist (Martin O'Malley).  Russia will take advantage of this and will set up a secret alliance with Canada and will Air Strike Washington D.C. during our civil war.

Further Confirmation:  Dreams, Economic collapse and here, here, here), grand solar minimum


The reason why the UFO used bismuth and magnesium layers on it's base

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So you may have heard that pieces of metal were found from a UFO in New Mexico.  I believe the story because the material that was found fits with my theory on how a UFO works.

The metal that was found was 22 layers or so of 1-2 micron thick bismuth and 200 micron magnesium-zinc alloy.

Here are some of the properties of the elements:

Bismuth- Repels magnetic fields.

Magnesium - Lightweight, good EMI shield, Good structural material.

So my theory on how UFO's work is this (formed before I knew about this material).  First the craft uses plasma anti-gravity.  It does this by creating a plasma on the surface of the craft and magnetizing it.  The way it creates a plasma is it uses plutonium to strongly charge the surface of the craft.  Then it swirls the plasma around the craft.  The way it likely swirls the plasma around the craft is either to swirl the craft itself or the skin, or to electronically swirl it by moving the charge around the surface.  If you want to know the speed it spins, listen to eyewitness accounts of the "whoom, whoom, whoom" sound people have heard and see how many cycles per second it does.

As the plasma swirls around the surface it becomes magnetized.  Magnetized plasma is antigravity and will make the craft float.

Ok so why the layers?  Firstly magnesium is lightweight and structural so that makes sense that is the bulk of the material.  The Zinc in the magnesium is likely to do two things, strengthen the alloy and stiffen it, and also to lower the melting point of the alloy.  This is because if they just wanted to strengthen it they would have used aluminum which is lighter, so the zinc must be to lower the melting point.  Lowering the melting point is important for vapor deposition of the layers.  So that tells me they likely used vapor deposition to make this.

Any why the bismuth layers?  Well the reason for that is to keep the plasma intact.  The plasma is developing magnetic field lines within it and you don't want to loose those field lines to dissipation.  The bismuth repels the field lines so they stay inside the plasma and are not degraded.  Basically the bismuth layers will keep the plasma magnetically levitated from the craft.  This will improve and make possible the buoyancy of the craft.




Other pieces:



The reason why Volcanism Volcanic Activity increases during low solar activity and minimums

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High solar activity "mixes" the core of the earth.  When you have a pot overboiling, a great way to stop it is to stir it.  This is similar to how high solar activity reduces volcanic activity.  The magnetic flux from the sun stirs the magma and perhaps plasma around the core of the earth to keep it from boiling over.  When solar activity is low, the boil-over happens and volcanism is the result and earthquakes as well.