Naya Rivera of Glee likely died of Hydrogen Cyanide exposure leading to drowning

Sadly I think I may have found out what contributed to Naya Rivera's Drowning.  A poisoning autopsy needs to be done.

The evidence we have is that her 4 year old boy has stated that he and his mom were swimming together and that she never got back to the boat.  Also that his mom jumped in the water and never came back up.

We also know that her son was found sleeping in the boat. While Sleepiness is a common symptom of cyanide poisoning.

We know that Lake Piru was in the cross-hairs of authorities for it's quagga mussel infestation.  We know authorities had been debating adding a "potassium solution" *(see explanation at the bottom) to poison the mussels which would also kill the fish and cause things that eat the fish to die as well.

Strangely this 2015 article above talking about the imminent poisoning of lake piru was taken down and we can only access it through an archive.  Do I smell a coverup?  If authorities did go ahead and poison the lake it would make sense they would want to erase all mention of this.

At the bottom of this post I detail how hydrogen cyanide could be produced in the lake and bubble to the surface.  But also here I want to explain how Hydrogen Sulfide also could be produced with the chemicals added to the lake.  Copper sulfate is proven and known to have been dumped in the lake in large amounts in 2019.  Many bacteria can reduce the sulfate in the lake into hydrogen sulfide.  Hydrogen sulfide, as opposed to hydrogen cyanide, is heavier than air and can concentrate on the surface of the lake.

Whether Hydrogen Sulfide or Hydrogen Cyanide or both is to blame is mostly irrelevant.  They both have similar highly poisonous effects that could have contributed to drownings on the lake.  Methods to test the theory could be a gas sniffer or also see if the lake smells of rotten eggs or sweet almond, but our nose looses sensitivity quickly so not many people may be able to smell it.

This would mean that hydrogen cyanide and/or hydrogen sulfide exposure in the lake could have been an exacerbating cause in her drowning.  We also know that low visibility in the water (only 6-10 inches - video-) could have also been a contributing factor.

When you jump in the water several things can go wrong.  If you land awkwardly you can get shocked and disoriented.  If there is low visibility in the water you may not be able to quickly discern which way is up and not know which way to go.  Couple that with low level cyanide exposure (especially if hydrogen cyanide gas is the culprit since the cyanide in the entire lake would all bubble up to the surface) which can cause confusion, weakness, and sleepiness, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Lets hope that the family completes a toxicology autopsy and gets to the root cause of their daughters death and can prevent future incidents like this from happening.

*Turns out this potassium solution is really just Potassium Chloride so it is harmless to humans.  However it appears that massive amounts of industrial Copper Sulfate was actually dumped in the lake, and this copper sulfate might have had cyanide contamination if it was recovered from mining
After "removing the cyanide" from the copper/gold solutions from mining, the metals are exposed to sulfuric acid which creates copper sulfate which can be recovered (and sold as industrial copper sulfate).  It may undoubtedly contain traces of cyanide from the previous process and when you are dumping tons of the chemical into waterways, the total cyanide is potentially catastrophic.

The lake needs to be tested for dangerous chemicals including Cyanide, sulfide, and others. If it tests high then signs need to be posted and the public notified.  Even small amounts of cyanide in the water can outgas as Hydrogen Cyanide gas concentrating on the surface of the lake, putting everyone on the lake at risk. 


It's possible that the African Dust can bring back the Rocky Mountain Locust

The Rocky Mountain Locust is an extinct species of American Locust whose huge swarms ravaged fields in various states in the centuries prior.

"Because locusts are a form of grasshopper that appear when grasshopper populations reach high densities, it was theorized that M. spretus might not be extinct, that "solitary phase" individuals of a migratory grasshopper might be able to turn into the Rocky Mountain locust given the right environmental conditions; however, breeding experiments using many grasshopper species in high-density environments failed to invoke the famous insect."

It appears that certain genes need to be reintroduced to local grasshopper populations to invoke swarming as seen with locust species.

"It has been hypothesized that plowing and irrigation by settlers as well as trampling by cattle and other farm animals near streams and rivers in the Rocky Mountains destroyed their eggs in the areas they permanently lived, which ultimately caused their demise.[14] For example, reports from this era suggest that farmers killed over 150 egg cases per square inch while plowing, harrowing or flooding.[14]:11–12 It appeared that this species lived and reproduced in the prairie only temporarily during swarming years, with each generation being smaller than the previous one and swarming ever further from the Rocky Mountains,[15] while the permanent breeding grounds of this species seemed to be restricted to an area somewhere between 3 to 3,000 square miles of sandy soils near streams and rivers in the Rockies, which coincided with arable and pastoral lands exploited by settlers.[14]"

The Rocky Mountain Locust can come back.  Especially with the rise of national parks, national forests, and the like - This will provide a perfect breeding ground for the species to make a comeback.

Rocky Mountain Locust Habitat coincides with State and National Protected Land

"They also switched to such resilient crops as winter wheat, which matured in the early summer, before locusts were able to migrate. These new agricultural practices effectively reduced the threat of locusts and greatly contributed to the species' downfall.[13]"

Farmers adapted at the time by switching to growing early season crops to deter locust spread.  However in America currently in the 21st century much more corn is grown than winter wheat leaving us open to another outbreak.

"Breeding in sandy areas and thriving in hot and dry conditions, they were often guaranteed a good food supply by prairie plants which concentrate sugars in their stalks in times of drought. Movement of the locusts was probably assisted by a low-level jet stream that persists through much of central North America.[citation needed]"

We are currently in a major drought in 2020 This means the conditions in north America are now ripe for another locust infestation.

Locusts bury their eggs only 1-4 inches underground, very commonly in sand. Recall that locusts have been swarming in huge numbers in africa and laying massive amounts of eggs recently. We know that with strong winds in africa these eggs could easily be excavated and carried by the winds to the north american continent as we have seen in the past weeks.

It may only be a matter of time before local populations of african locust interbreed with populations of solitary grasshoppers in america, and introduce genes needed for swarming and thus the comeback of the Rocky Mountain Locust.  With the advent and rise of areas in the rockies and elsewhere where people cannot till the land or graze cattle like the national parks, we may already be on borrowed time before the next locust outbreaks on the american continent.


How Peroxide Speeds up Remineralization and Cement Forming

Again thanks to Johan Nygren for doing most of the work to figure out the mechanism of how Peroxide can speed up remineralization.  He sent me this picture (click on it to go to the source)


 Basically the limiting factor to remineralization is the removal of H+ ions.  This typically isn't a big problem since hydroxyapatite powder has an OH- molecule which can react with the H+ released forming water, however this is not a free floating OH and is bound to the hydroxyapatite molecule.  Since it is bound it is less apt to react with H+ ions, especially when Ca ions are blocking it, see below picture.

So how would peroxide or hydrogen peroxide help this process?  Peroxide reacts with an OH molecule to produce electrons. These free electrons can quickly and easily react with H+ ions forming H2 gas.  While simple OH- of the hydroxyapatite will absorb the H+ ions released during remineralization, it is slower as the H+ ions will have to diffuse all the way to the backside of the hydroxyapatite molecule (nano or micro particles) to be absorbed.  If instead H2O2 is already reacting with the OH molecules "shooting" electrons wherever they are needed, the process of remineralization can be faster.

In basic medium:

Let me try to explain better.  H+ ions are released when a particle of hydroxyapatite bonds to a enamel surface.  Now these H+ ions can interfere with the attachment because their generation immediately cause the linkage between the hydroxyapatite and the enamel to break.  In order to push remineralization forward, we need to get rid of these H+ ions.  The H+ ions would typically have to travel all the way to a part on the hydroxyapatite molecule that is not bonding with the enamel to be absorbed to it's OH- without interfering with the attachment.  If instead of waiting for this diffusion of H+ ions to happen, we could instead use hydrogen peroxide to preemptively react with the OH- and create free electrons that can travel right to where they are needed and convert the H+ ions released instantly into H2 gas, thus speeding up the remineralization process.

When it comes to hydroxyapatite in dentifrices like teeth powder and toothpaste and mouthwash, time is critical since you only have a couple minutes for remineralization to happen.  Thus nHApP or Nano Hydroxyapatite Peroxide would be an ideal ingredient for these uses.  Also hydrogen peroxide or other peroxides such as magnesium peroxide or sodium percarbonate can work as well to support the remineralization of hydroxyapatite.


Staybl 0.8

Per liter, take up to 4 liters a day.  Can be carbonated

FOS 1.6g (may need to reduce for mouthfeel, ribose reduces thickness)
Potassium phosphate dibasic 1.6g (718mg potassium .4489)
Glycine 1.5g
Potassium Gluconate 1.5g (250mg potassium .1669)
Glucoronolactone 0.5g (was 1.3 lowered for bad flavor)
Mannose 1g (good flavor can't raise amount)
Magnesium Citrate 1g  (112mg magnesium .1123)
Calcium HMB 0.8g (200mg calcium .2533)
Ribose 1.5g (was .6 raised for flavor and reduced thickness)
Inositol 0.4g (was .3 raised for flavor)
Sodium Citrate 0.2g (46mg of sodium .23)
Taurine 0.05g (flavor mild)

magnesium 112mg 448mg
calcium 200mg 800mg
sodium 46mg 184mg
potassium 968mg 3872mg

Only 186 mg of sodium needed a day

700 mg enough calcium per day

4700 mg of potassium however this is with high sodium intake

magnesium over 400mg is good

Staybl 0.7

Just a prelim recipe but wow it is interesting!  No "sugars" persay because they seem to turn into syrup when the powder sits out.  Tastes like coconut water!  Looks like coconut water too!  No sodium and high potassium so may lower blood pressure.

FOS 1.6g
Potassium phosphate 1.6g
Glycine 1.5g
Potassium Gluconate 1.5g
Glucoronolactone 1.3g
Mannose 1g
Magnesium Citrate 0.7g
Calcium HMB 0.8g
Ribose 0.6g
Inositol 0.3g


My current predictions

I am going to leave out all major long term indicators (see the label prophecy for these) and just focus on the specifics of where we are at in history and what to expect.

The big picture of where we are at is Rev. 6:7

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!”
8 I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. 
Death was ISON in 2012 and Hades is Apophis in 2029.  Bad stuff will continue happening throughout 2020's and 2030's as the Grand Solar minimum causes societal upheaval.  On the decades level expect what is prophecied in Rev 6:7-8
More specifically (in terms of the months and weeks level) we are in Rev 9:12 (this is a mini version of the real rev. 9:12 which will happen in 3300's AD roughly.)
The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. Their hair was like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. 10 They had tails with stingers, like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months. 11 They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).
12 The first woe is past; two other woes are yet to come.
13 The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God. 14 It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind. 16 The number of the mounted troops was twice ten thousand times ten thousand. I heard their number.
17 The horses and riders I saw in my vision looked like this: Their breastplates were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur. The heads of the horses resembled the heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke and sulfur. 18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths. 19 The power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails were like snakes, having heads with which they inflict injury.
 What does this mean?  We saw the locusts, the next plague is military.  Expect perhaps one month or so of martial law and total shutdown (cannot get food) leading up to the US election.  Expect troops on the street of the US.  Expect armies compassing around Israel threatening them (I am not an Israel fan, this is just what prophecy points to).
What to do?  Have a 1 month food supply for each person.  I don't think tap water will be turned off at this time but should get activated charcoal powder and magnesium oxide to remove chlorine and fluoride.  
Sources seem to indicate September and November will be bad times.  Get ready. 

How the Tides prove Gravity Wrong

Tides are one of the biggest and most obvious problems for standard gravitational theory.  But shhhh the physicists don't want you to know this!  Another big problem is the expansion of the universe which they use the dark matter/energy conspiracy theory to hand-wave away.  Gravity is far from settled science.

Gravity is not mass attracting mass.  Gravity is simply an induced electrostatic charge aka electrostatic induction and therefore attraction.  I have explained this in 2015.

So how do tides disprove the standard Einsteinian gravity?

Tides don't make sense according to standard gravity.  We know that tides effect both sides of the earth equally and at the same time.  Why?  According to standard gravity wouldn't the tide only be nearest the moon?  You would think that if you had common sense.  But the latest conspiracy theory (and here from NASA) is the reason tides effect both sides of the earth is because the moon pulls the water on the side closest to it most, then it pulls the earth second and away from the water furthest away and this is why water bulges on both sides.  Wow that is really bad physics.  We know that the moon doesn't pull the earth's center closer to it during tides.  The center of the earth and moon distance doesn't magically get shorter during a tide.  So to say that the moon is pulling the entire earth closer and the water furthest is "left behind" is bogus.  That is just not how this works.  Both the earth and moon are both pulling on each-other equally and this equilibrium distance is constant over the course of a day.  The distance of the center of the earth and moon is constant over the course of a day.  This means the moon simply cannot be pulling the earth away from the water furthest the moon.  The "slinky" theory is BOGUS!  The whole theory of tides is that since water can flow it is the water that can move and not the center of the earth itself.  So if the water can move, and it is being pulled more on the side closest the moon, then wouldn't it make sense that the water on earth flows away from the side furthest the moon and towards the side closest the moon.  Right?  Logic right?  So if standard gravity was true then there would be a low tide on the face furthest from the moon and high tide on the face closest the moon.  We know this is not the case so this is the first nail in the coffin of standard gravity theory.

Another nail in the coffin is "why is there the same extra-high tide during a new moon and a full moon"?  In a new moon both the moon and sun are on the same side of the earth so it would make sense the tides would be stronger since gravity is pulling from both the same direction.  But during a full moon the sun and moon are on opposite sides.  So if we take the standard gravity explanation, it doesn't work.  The moon is pulling the nearest water to it, and the earth toward it second, and the furthest water third.  Ok but the sun is pulling the water closest to it first (the opposite the moon side), then the earth towards it second, and the water furthest from it third.  But this means that the sun is pulling the earth towards it and the moon is pulling the earth towards it, and these are opposite directions so the pull cancels out to some extent, preventing the "stretching of the slinky" of the system.  If NASA's slinky model was true then New Moon and Full Moon tides would be different.  They are not.  This is the second nail in the coffin of Standard gravity.

Does electrostatic gravity explain the tidal effect?  Yes it absolutely does.  The "comb and water" experiment shows that the water closest the comb (in this case the comb is the moon) is opposite charge of the comb and will come towards it.  The water furthest away assumes the opposite charge and will be repelled by the comb.  Thus quickly and painlessly explaining the tides.  The end.

Any questions?  No?  Didn't think so.  Pretty simple right?


nHApP Nano Hydroxyapatite Peroxide

I have discussed this type of remineralizer earlier in posts with the TEEF tag.  But today I am going to lay out one particular remineralizer in detail Hydroxyapatite nanopowder peroxide.  This is because TEEF revision 4.0 will use this ingredient as sole remineralizer.

This ingredient can be used for any use but preferably a tooth powder or other dentrifice including mouthwashes, toothpastes, gel's, etc.  Also bone use including grafts, implants, repair, etc.

How is this ingredient made?  A nanopowder (or any size of powder preferably microcrystalline or nanopowder) of hydroxyapatite is obtained using any method desired.  Next Hydrogen Peroxide is added to the powder, with or without a reaction step, and allowed to dry.  The reaction step can most preferably held at a temperature between 37c and 60c to keep kinetics of the reaction high but prevent a runaway reaction that evaporates the hydrogen peroxide before it has a chance to react.

The % concentration of hydrogen peroxide can be anything but preferably between 3-35%.  More preferably between 12-35%.  Food grade peroxide or better should be used for dentrifice or internal use.

What happens when you allow hydrogen peroxide to react with a powder?  Peroxide molecules substitute into the structure especially on the reactive OH of the hydroxyapatite molecule.

Why is peroxidation helpful?  Peroxidation makes a molecule more "sticky" to adhere to already made surfaces.  In the case of hydroxyapatite both small size (nano) can help the molecules to stick to tooth enamel or bone, also peroxidation can also improve the attachment of the powder to the enamel or bone.  I personally believe the mechanism of why the nanopowder can stick is because the size allows it to more easily become peroxidized in biological environments including saliva. 


Supertaster is a Genetic Adaptation to Chronic Cyanogenic Glycoside exposure

Many of the worlds population especially in the third world and in times past have had staple foods that are high in cyanogenic glycosides (cyanide producing molecules).  The major one is Cassava, widely eaten in south american and in African countries like Nigeria.  We can be sure that genetically people who for millenia ate high levels of cyanogenic glycosides developed tolerance to the molecule.

Supertaster is among the genetic adaptations to cyanogenic glycosides.  The reason I know this is I ate a blue passionfruit.Passiflora caerulea.  This fruit is orange skinned and has blood red pomegranate like seeds inside.  This fruit from the blue passion flower plant is likely very high in cyanogenic glycosides.

After a couple hours of experienceing classic cyanide exposure symptoms including the following:

Headache - migrane like
Cleared nasal passages (opened)
squinting (slight trouble seeing clearly)
loss of coordination
confusion, loss of thought train
difficulty swallowing
heart skipping beats
memory loss
pins and needles, peripheral neuropothy
enhanced sensation to sounds, touch,
less fear or nervousness
central sleep apnea
 hard finding words im looking for

I also experienced supertaster abilities.  How do I know this?  I have a close friend who is a type of supertaster and my tastes mimiced thiers after eating this fruit.

Some of the things I tested

Ketchup - tastes very sweet with no discernible other flavors like savory
tomato sauce - very bad tasting, somewhat of a cold-bitter flavor with no savory taste I usually get with tomato.
fruit snacks - very sharp and potent flavor, usually they are bland to me
nacho cheese dorito's - same flavor but a little milder than I normally taste
salt and vinegar chips - same flavor but about 10x less strong.  Vinegar flavor only for the first second instead of many seconds I normally experience
garlic powder- very nice flavor eating the powder straight!  usually too pungent for me to eat straight but during this experience it tastes like what garlic bread tastes like to me normally.
saponins like gynostemma and especially tribulus terestris - tastes HORRIBLE!  Usually I don't like the taste much but it isn't a big deal, during this experience the taste is truly unbearable.  Much more bitter than normally.
Saltines - taste exactly the same
soy sauce - more bitter than normal, little more salty

Anyway that is about all I can try for now.

So what does this mean?  Since mild cyanogenic glycogen poisoning causes supertaster effect, to me this means it is highly likely that the supertaster genetics is part of a genetic adaptation for peoples who over hundreds of years ate staple foods high in these compounds.  Genetically they adapted and a squela of that adaptation is the supertaster ability.  Another adaptation might be a tendency for low blood iron to help deal with the cyanide.


How plants generate energy from evaporation transpiration and peroxisomes

How plants generate energy.

We are told that plants get all their energy from the sun.  We see this is untrue simply by looking at the roots and how they metabolize just like animal cells so obviously not all the energy is coming from the sun.  But what if even the majority of plant energy was not coming from the sun but rather from transpiration itself?  That is plants gain the majority of their energy from the evaporation of water.

How can evaporating water produce energy?  This is actually pretty simple on the surface.  We know that hydrogen bonds keep water together as a liquid.  So if we evaporate water we are breaking these hydrogen bonds.  Whenever we break bonds we release energy, and any released energy can theoretically be captured.

But it turns out to be even more energy than breaking weak hydrogen bonds.  Plants and all cells produce OH- zones called EZ or exclusion zones.  These form from the exclusion of hydrogen ions, which the separated hydrogen ions H+ push other cations out of the EZ.  Now when these OH- groups evaporate (a process that mostly only happens in plants), now you are breaking ionic bonds and electrons are released.  4 OH- groups collapse to form H2O + O2.  This is what goes out through the Stoma of the plant.

 So the plant opens its stoma and the EZ starts evaporating producing electrical energy and releasing water vapor and oxygen.  This electrical energy is captured and used to  power processes in the plant (which might be coupled to photosynthesis). It appears that the peroxisome is what produces the extra EZ for evaporating and this forms H2O2 (same as 2 OH-) which is what evaporates into O2 and H2O releasing electrons. 

Peroxisomes are membrane bound and there are gaps between cells to allow for this H2O2 to evaporate when the stoma open.

 This evaporation is the major process producing energy for plants.  Stoma of course is not required as the H2O2 can evaporate even without stoma open (especially in C4 desert plants in hot arid climates) but stoma greatly increase H2O2 evaporation rate and therefore energy generation.


Whislteblower Nurses and the Fall of the Heroic Medical System

What is going on here?  After listening to the 3 nurses below I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what is going on in the hospital system and in the minds of the murdering doctors and nurses.

So lets start.  Firstly the media has portrayed doctors and nurses as heroes.  This should put up a red flag because as we have known, current modern medicine is descendant of "heroic medicine" of the last century.  What is heroic medicine?  It is medicine that very likely will kill people.  The basic framework of heroic medicine is that "I'm the only one who can save the patient and without me they will die anyway so I am going to use extremely dangerous treatments in the longshot hope that I can save them".  Eclectic medicine (the forerunner to modern natural medicine) was created in protest of this and uses safe remedies proven by both research and experience.  Which one sounds like they follow the Hippocratic oath?

So when the media lifts the medical establishment as heroes all the demons of heroic medicine come out.  These demons are reinforced by the situation in the hospitals.  The situation in NYC started as that they legitimately didn't have the resources to treat everyone.  This bolstered the "heroic" mentality and nurses who never ran a dialysis machine felt like such a hero to "learn on the fly".  This mentality makes sense given the circumstances but since heroic medicine is so dangerous, "learning on the fly" will likely cause a few deaths before you get it right.  This is unacceptable.

So I think this mentality of "I'm a hero here to save the day and I will just wing it complex dangerous procedures that I don't understand" is the major mentality.

Lets couple that mentality with a couple others.  Racism and COVIDism and unnacountability.  Firstly family is not allowed in to where these patients are being treated.  This means the doctors and nurses can mistreat patients at ease because no one is there advocating for the patients and holding them accountable for their actions.  Since they themselves are heroes, they look at their patients especially homeless or black or elderly as inferior beings.  this can because of unconscious biases or just a hatred for humanity and the weak and infirm.

Also doctors are abused by the healthcare system.  Again since we are operating in a heroic medicine world where medicine is deadly, doctors are not allowed to experiment and learn by doing.  So when COVID comes up and they feel a sense of "no rules", they will experiment and in so doing kill patients.  If doctors were rather trained in natural medicines and safe procedures, they could experiment to their hearts content without risking anyone's life.

What  contributes to this no-rules experimentation mentality is that I believe the hospitals are telling doctors that they will be protected from liability for medical malpractice because there is no "standard of care" for COVID.  Some law firms are also taking this stance and refusing to take malpractice suits against doctors or hospitals.

Now these mentalities lead to unnecessary deaths, rather murders at the hands of doctors.  This causes a new mentality to take hold, a defensive one.  They now have to prove that indeed a 100% mortality rate is normal.  And if it seems a patient is getting better, this would disprove their theory so an "accident" needs to be planned.  This is when manslaughter turns into murder.  And I think indeed this is what took over certain hospitals especially in NYC.

So here is the progression to how a murdering doctor is created.  Call him a hero and he can do no harm.  Put him in a situation that he cannot handle and makes mistakes.  Allow him to form biases against his patients by removing accountability and dehumanizing the patients, he then believes that the patients he inadvertently killed deserve to die.  Then he feels that if any patients start to recover that they need to be "handled".  And there we have a new crop of doctor (and/or nurse) murderers created by COVID.

Now couple this with the mentality of the hospital which is that the more patients that die of covid or are put on a respirator the more money they get.  You can see that hospitals would not only have an incentive for turning a blind eye to malpracticing doctors, but also to promote them.

Below you will find the nurse whistleblower testimonies and below that a list of links talking about how states and federal lawmakers are trying to give malpractice immunity to these murdering doctors and nurses.

Fear not; first it was Police, next is judgement on the Medical System.

Whistleblower 1.

 Whistleblower 1 interview

 whistleblower 1 interview

 Whistleblower 2

 Whistleblower 3

 Whistleblower 4

What nurses can do.













Harmony 1.1

Potassium Citrate 50g was 75g.  Just too much potassium.  Potassium helps extract the useful compounds from our herbs.

12g gynostemma extract + 4g tribulus extract was 18g nature's fury.

5g cranberry, 2g pom, 1g marigold added.

took any partial grams off.

50g Potassium Citrate (extracts herbs in stomach, acid-base extraction, also helps liquid balance)
22g Mustard (pseudomonas)
13g Garlic (mycoplasma, corynebacteria, bacillis, brucella)
13g Broccoli Seed (h pylori - coughing, heart skipping, brain issues)
12g Gynostemma extract powder (gram positives)
10g Ginger (campylobacter - nerve issues)
10g Lavender (haemophilus - anger)
5g  Cranberry (proteus, ecoli)
4 g tribulus extract powder (increase bioavailability of gynostemma)
2g  pomegranate extract 90% ellagic acid (xanthomonas etc)
1g  marigold extract 5% zeaxanthan (xanthomonas, etc)

How a Acid Base Flow Battery Actually works

A flow battery is simply a battery where the electrodes are liquids.  You still need current collectors but these can be the same metals instead of being different, also the benefit is these electrodes do not dissolve and you simple recharge the battery by replacing the liquid.

So how does an acid base battery work?  This isn't something I could figure out before.  With the proactive help of Johan Nygren (twitter) I think I have a pretty good model now.  He had me watch the video below about EZ water

What this video shows is that water will separate positive and negative ions because of a nearby charge (the hydrophilic surface in the case of the video).  A couple things can be predicted which is that you can create EZ water by charging the water with a negative and a positive electrode as well.  Energy can be extracted by this zone not only from setting up a battery using the EZ zone but also from using this  coupled with water evaporation .

Anyway here is my current model on how an acid-base battery works.

So notice the acid is on the right and base on the left.  The acid can be anything but preferably a strong acid.  Also Oxoacids or other oxidizers on the acid side might be best since the acid side seems to be receiving electrons, so it is being reduced.  On the left side since the two halves are connected by a semipermeable membrane, the protons on the right are causing the potassium ions on the left to move farther away.  This causes the EZ zone to build which Johan calls the "Alkaline Gel"  He also supposes that this zone may be "metallic" in nature with decentralized electrons (which if true could only help our battery).  On the left side the negatively charged OH- groups congregate from the attraction of the H+ ions and repulsion of the K+ ions from the H+ ions.  Urea or other reducing agents (including light especially infrared) on the base side may help donate electrons to improve voltage.

What this EZ zone does for us is make it much easier for us to harvest electrons since all the negatively charged aspect of the alkaline electrolyte are concentrated for us.  So According the Johan these OH- groups collapse into H2O2 which then dissociate into O2 gas and H2O.  What this means is we will loose the alkalinity of our EZ zone so the battery will need to be recharged, preferably by replacing the electrolyte.

These electrons are pulled out through the circuit due to electrical connection to the Acid side via the current collectors and wires.  This act of pulling electrons from the OH- zone into the H+ zone creates a current flow and allows us to do electrical work.  The electrons are falling down a concentration gradient.  When the electrons reach the H+ acid side they are absorbed by the H+ ions and form H2 gas.  Again this decreases the Proton concentration in the acid side and eventually we will run out of protons and our voltage will decrease and we will need to recharge the liquid.

Another observation I have made is that in an acid base battery like this getting the positive and negative current collector as close to the membrane as possible increases current.  So this would make sense because our model shows that the most electrically active areas will be right on either side of the membrane.

Other things to enhance the battery acide from oxidizers (like hydrogen peroxide or others), reducing agents (like urea or others), and light could also be catalysts like fenton reagents (including chelate iron or cobalt or others) and sparging gasses (like hydrogen and/or oxygen and/or nitrous oxide).


Parasite Essential oil 0.3

Reducing concentration even further using MCT (to use around eyes and things, now it is 120/80 carrier/eo).  This also works great for stentrophomonas bacteria which cause glaucoma.

30 black seed
30 MCT
30 Neem
30 Coconut oil
13 oregano kills parasite, stentrophomonas
13 cinnamon pseudomonas, paralyzes parasite
6 thyme pseudomonas
6 peppermint haemophilus
6 lemongrass stentrophomonas
6 Eucalyptus mycoplasma
4 Lavender c perferingins, botulinum
4 Juniper berry
3 clove
3 frankincense
3 myrrh
3 chamomile
3 Ginger campylobacter
3 Patchouli
3 Tagetes

Coinfections wucheria plasmodium mycoplamsa


Tetanus symptoms (twitching) when treating with cinnamon then oregano  we know gram negative bacteria wolbachia as well.

Geriniol antihelmenthic

Stenotrophomonas causes Glaucoma and Water Retention

Stenotrophomonas aka Xanthomonas a type of proteobacteria seems to cause glaucoma and water retention.

Firstly I want to say that this bacteria is ubiquitous and even in healthy looking fruits like Mango's.  Didn't think you had to worry about raw fruits did you?  Of course cooking fruits will kill any bacteria present.

So since I am virtually Germ-free I can notice bacterial effects very easily.  Eating mango's was causing me glaucoma symptoms (blind area on the bottom of my field of view when looking down).

I did research and discovered glaucoma happens when the "relief valve" on eye pressure that lets fluid leave gets inflamed then this valve gets shut off.  I studied bacteria in mangos because I was eating a lot of them.  Turned out that black spot disease on mangoes (the ones I was eating had a few black spots) is caused by xanthomonas bacteria.  Finding a type of this bacteria that effects humans (stenotrophomonas) turns out that this type of bacteria is known to cause inflammation.  So what I did is take my parasite essential oil blend and put it around my eyes.  Within minutes to hours my eyesight returned to normal.  During the night I noticed that I had to get up to go to the bathroom around 4 times.  I usually get up once max and never had gotten up this much.  Also I noticed my abdomen was smaller after this.  This tells me that this bacteria, or the inflammation causing factors released from the bacteria, likely also effects the kidneys causing glomerulitis or Glomerulonephritis.

Also to reinforce this diagnosis, we know that antioxidant flavonoids fight this bacteria and the effects it causes, and also we know that these same things are natural ways to improve glaucoma.  Other things known to fight this bacteria are citral from lemongrass essential oil and oregano.  Cinnamon might also help but haven't found research for it yet.


citral lemongrass




Why "Your mask protects me" is not "Science"

We have been hearing a lot of "you don't believe science!"/"science denier" lately in the media.  Firstly "science" isn't something that can be believed.  Science is not a dogma, it is a method.  Science by definition can never be "believed", it can only be proven false.  If someone doesn't prove a hypothesis false over a long period of time, then it is a theory, still unproven.  If you believe science, then you cease to be a scientist yourself  - as science is based on skepticism not belief.

That said "your mask protects me" is not even a scientific hypothesis (let alone proven "science") and thus falls into "conspiracy theory" or "pseudoscience".  Why?  Because it is not falsifiable.  It cannot be proven.  Why can't it be proven?  Because it isn't possible to design a experiment to test that will reach statistical significance.

Say you want to prove "my mask protects me".  Simple.  You make an experiment where you follow people who wear masks and those that don't wear masks and see if those that wore masks got sick less.  Science.

But if you want to prove "your mask protects me" then you can't design an epidemiological study or rather any viable experiment at all to test that.  It is an unprovable (and therefore unable to be disproven as well) assertion.  To test it you would need 2 islands, each with a hepa filtered bubble on it where all food and drink and air was sterilized before bringing in.  Then you have half of the people without a mask on one island (with the other half masked) and on the other island you have everyone with a mask.  Then you infect one person on each island (WARNING THIS IS ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL) Then you look if the island with the half masked population had a higher rate of spread than the island with all masks.  Problem with this experiment is that for all it's complexity and difficulty (probably would cost 1 trillion dollars to do and would be a war crime), it only provides you with 2 data points.  Many, Many of these experiments would need to be done to reach statistical significance.  Not to mention that the results would only apply to the studied population density and cultural patterns, so even more of these studies would be needed to apply to different places and cultures on earth.  This proposition is literally impossible.  Therefore the theory "your mask protects me" is not a scientific hypothesis let alone a "science fact" (which cannot exist anyway).  It is a bunk assertion based on conspiracy.

So why don't the "experts" simply say that "your mask protects you" which would be a scientific hypothesis?  Because they know that it will quickly and easily be proven false, or that the effect will be found to be minimal.  So they make a pseudoscience claim knowing it can't be disproven (nor proven) and will just be parroted by the media and other "science believers".

In conclusion we are currently living in a dictatorship.  This dictatorship by governors and mayors (and elsewhere presidents) isn't even a technocratic dictatorship (where the decrees are based on sound science), it is a conspiratorial dictatorship where we are being forced against our will to do something based on fears of those in power.  God help us.


Parasite essential oil 0.2

 0.1 was good, would like to get more essential oils in to kill coinfections like mycoplasma, the parasites food source, and also wolbachia in the gut of the parasite so it can't gain nutrients from blood.

30 black seed
20 Neem
13 oregano kills parasite
13 cinnamon pseudomonas, paralyzes parasite
6 thyme pseudomonas
6 peppermint haemophilus
6 lemongrass
6 Eucalyptus mycoplasma
4 Lavender c perferingins, botulinum
4 Juniper berry
3 clove
3 frankincense
3 myrrh
3 chamomile
3 Ginger campylobacter
3 Patchouli
3 Tagetes

Coinfections wucheria plasmodium mycoplamsa


Tetanus symptoms (twitching) when treating with cinnamon then oregano  we know gram negative bacteria wolbachia as well.

Geriniol antihelmenthic

"Tear Gas" is actually organochlorine or organocyanide pesticide like dicamba

 Tear gas is chemical mind control.

I could barely smell it, let alone get any symptoms at all besides loss of motor coordination.

Symptoms have lasted 19 days so far.  Include strange dreams (a lot like Chlorpyrifos) of bloodyness, transgenderism, clowns and jesters; pressure in the bridge of the nose area, soft palate area, and back of the nasopharanx, sensitivity to loud noises and also things 'rising up' (like someone putting their hands up), nervousness and fear, illicit sexual desires, transgenderism, loss of motor coordination, shakiness, suppressed thinking ability (brain fog).  Symptoms are worst upon awakening from sleep.

Lymphnodes not effected unlike glyphosate.  Seems it attaches to and stays in the nasopharanx for very extended periods and exerts effects on the pineal gland.  Combined sensitivity to loud noises plus effect on the pineal gland caused DMT release during REM sleep when a helicopter (sound near 40 hertz).

CS gas and CN gas both operate on the same pathway as organophosphate pesticides namely trpa1 which causes gulf war syndrome and neuropothy.  I know I was hit with one of these two gasses.

All military are also exposed to high levels of this gas in initial training, refresher training, and equipment maintenance sessions.  This means that these people are chronically exposed and will have fear and nervousness which causes them to act irrationally.

Police are also routinely exposed to it as part of their training.

Dexamethasone is bad - makes coronavirus chronic!

Why would you treat a sickness with a steroid?  Because you want the immune system to stop fighting it and make it a chronic infection!  This drug is a Trojan horse.

Dexamethasone or Dexamethazone is a corticosteroid and it has past clinical trial.  The drug did not help people at all that could breathe on their own, helped people with oxygen therapy only 20% reduced deaths, and helped people on a vent (ventilator) 33% reduced deaths.

Inspect this picture closely, (discussed a the end) it was released May 19th 2017 by Dragon Images with the title "Citizens walking on the street in masks because of danger of epidemic"

Why would it help avert deaths?  Because as a corticosteroid it reduced inflammation.  Inflammation in the lungs plus a vent will cause sudden death as the diaphragm doesn't expand as the lungs are filled with air (and they knock you out so you can't do it yourself) so the vent basically explodes the lungs.  Having a steroid will make the lungs less susceptible to rupture during this.

Why would it help atmospheric oxygen therapy (likely 100% oxygen)?  Because oxygen is oxidative and will cause inflammation.  If they simply put the people on say 50% oxygen therapy the dexamethasone likely would not have helped at all.

So why are they pushing this when safer and more effective treatments like zinc, z-pak, and hydroxychloriquine are out there?  Because that therapy wouldn't cause chronic coronavirus infection.  When you realize they want COVID-19 to be a yearly cold sickness so they can have a lucrative vaccine business, then you can understand why they would want people to be chronic carriers of the disease so it can spread yearly. Dexamethasone side effects.

Notice in the above image that their is a portrayal, perhaps prediction, that a pandemic would cause masks to be first mandated in schools (student), then in stores (shopper), then on the streets (pedestrian), then for journalists, then in workplaces.  At this moment we seem to be 4/5th of the way.  Notice the publisher was Dragon images, and Dragon is portrayed in the Bible as Satan.


Parasite Essential Oil 0.1

20 black seed
10 oregano
10 cinnamon
5 thyme
5 peppermint
5 lemongrass
3 clove
3 frankensence
3 myrrh
3 chamomile


Tetanus symptoms (twitching) when treating with cinnamon then oregano  we know gram negative bacteria wolbachia as well.

Geriniol antihelmenthic

Gut Hygiene is the future of health

We are told the reason we live longer than the people of old is because of vaccines and and modern (heroic) medicine and maybe sanitation but defiantly vaccines!  The real truth is the only reason we live longer is due to hygiene.  Bacteria is the real cause of all disease.  Parasites, viruses, heavy metals, etc all have their place too but bacteria is the primary cause (although parasites and heavy metals can be root causes, but still bacteria are the primary cause in these cases too).

The real reason we moved from life expectancy of 40 to 80 is because of oral hygiene.  Our food is also more sterile as well which helps.  This is why ancient religions like Judaism and Islam were very particular with what they eat and how food was prepared, because they saw direct effects on their health and attributed this with the devil.  Jesus used herbs and clay and fasting and energy healing to show that it wasn't about the foods themselves that was holy or profane but rather your attitude and actions.

But oral hygiene is the only thing we do to our bodies proactively that can make us live significantly longer.  We can make sure the foods we eat aren't infected, but every once in a while they are and there is nothing we can do but hope our body can fight it off.

What if we could do gut hygiene and nullify any bad foods so we can eat whatever we want?

Currently the best thinking (besides people like me) out there is probiotics.  While it is true you can use less harmful (good) bacteria to out-compete more harmful (bad) bacteria, the "good bacteria" trope is very simplified and limited.  While yes at least you won't get salmonella, "good bacteria" all cause disease whether that is depression to heart disease to lowered sex hormones.

The main reason holding heroic medicine and even well meaning doctors back from gut hygiene is three fold.  Firstly money.  The whole heroic medicine framework is based on patents.  Natural medicine can't be patented.  Second it is based on monopoly.  Drug companies lobby federal agencies like the FDA to not allow medicines to be used unless they undergo extremely costly and frankly inhumane testing.  This makes it so if a medicine doesn't fulfill the first aim, being patentable, then the second aim, passing regulatory approval is dead in the water as well since there needs to be a strong profit motive (patentable) to justify approval.  Thirdly, and this stumps even the most well intentioned doctors, is ignorance.  Ignorance stems from aim 2 of regulatory approval and if something has not passed this approval process people deem it as "ineffective".  So common doctors who want to use alternatives don't see studies on them and therefore don't think they are effective.  The reason there are no studies is that there is no profit motive to do studies on unpatentable medicine.  These doctors believe the only effective way to kill bacteria and therefore create gut hygiene would be dangerous and carcinogenic antibiotics.  They rightfully assume that you can't take antibiotics every day your whole life, and even if you could bacteria would develop immunity so therefore they think gut hygiene is impossible.

Enter natural medicines.  Things like clay (or diatomaceous earth or other silica based earths) can make it through the entire digestive tract and significantly reduce the number of bacteria present especially the most pathogenic gram negative bacteria.  Charcoal also can have a significant effect.  Moving on to plants there are many that are perfectly safe and contain compounds that can kill off significant swaths of bacteria and cause zero side effects and bacteria cannot develop immunity to.  Some of these are triterpenoid saponins, steroidal saponins, gingerol, allicin, sinigrin, cinnamaldehyde, and many many more.

Herbs and other natural compounds can be used daily to kill off any number of bacteria (and parasites) safely and effectively.  This is gut hygiene.

Germ free mice exhibit healthier gut lining therefore absorbing nutrients better and also live 50% longer.  Practicing gut hygiene can get us all the way there and take our life expectancy from 80 to 120.


Garlic. What it does for health

Garlic safely kills a number of pathogenic genuses of bacteria.  This is how it achieves it's effects.

1. Indigestion, especially related to allergies or intolerance's like dairy.  Also possibly sugar indigestion.

2. Blood clots, they typically manifest as pain in the fingers, hands, arms, or legs and feet.  These are caused by bacillis.

3. Lungs.  Tuberculosis.

4. Mid back pain and other effects caused by brucella bacteria

5. Natural DMT experiences caused by corynebacterium (diptheria)

Types of bacteria targeted bacillis, mycoplasma, corynebacterium, brucella.  Of bacillis some types are bacillis cereus which need garlic and an adaptogen to treat since they are waxy the adaptogen (saponins) can break down that protective coating.