True Cause of Insomnia: Cholesterol, Estrogen, Glucuronidation, Iron Overload

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So I will try to upload some supporting links on this below but you should be able to find them by searching "women cholesterol insomnia".

The point here is that it appears that elevated Cholesterol can cause insomnia but only really for women.  To me that means that elevated estrogen is also required.  This is interesting because I am a man however I have signs of excess estrogen (and testosterone) with gynecomastia and baldness.  So just recently I have realized I am deficient in the detox pathway called Glucuronidation.  Anyway I suffer extreme insomnia which I have improved over the years with stress reduction and also gut microbiome terraforming.  Anyway I also have always had high cholesterol.  I also believe I have high iron but was never tested.  So the best thing I have found so far is artichoke leaf powder.  This causes your body to excrete cholesterol through the bile and also hormones like estrogen and testosterone.  It makes your stool lighter in color from this excreted bile/fat/cholesterol.  It also improves glucuronidation.  Certain bacteria seems to tax glucuronidation especially campylobacter and probably streptococcus and killing those with ginger and steroidal/triterpenoid saponins respectively helps with the insomnia as well.  Having iron overload (hemochromatosis) is especially tough because many of the iron lowering flavanoids and anthocyanins and proanthocyanins actually inhibit glucuronidation pathway.  It seems ellagic acid from pomegranate and zeaxanthan from marigold may help with iron overload but also not hurt glucuronidation.

In conclusion high cholesterol with high estrogen (can be relatively high if you are a man, usually the opposite sex notices greater effect with the opposite sex hormone, women with slightly elevated testosterone experience more rage then men with those levels, and men with slightly elevated estrogen experience more estrogenic mood and body effects than women do with those levels) causes insomnia, even extreme insomnia.  What causes high cholesterol and high estrogen (and/or testosterone)?  Insufficeint Glucuronidation.  How to treat this naturally?  Artichoke leaf powder (also sulforophane from broccoli sprout powder).

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