The Causes and Natural Cure of Irregular Heartbeat and Heart Skipping beats and Palpitations

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So I feel confident now that I have found all the causes of irregular heartbeat.  RANKED.

#1.  H Pylori.  This bacteria I believe causes an allergen dependent skipping of heartbeats.  What this means is this bacteria burrows into the digestive tract and allows allergens like gluten and others to elicit an immune response that attacks the heart.   This is the #1 cause of heart skipping beats occasionally.  If Legumes is a cause then G6PDD may be a part of this clinical picture.

Cure: Agrimony herb powder, Artichoke leaf powder, broccoli sprout/seed powder, carrot seed essential oil and other essential oils that fight h pylori like myrrh, mastic, etc.

#2.  Streptococcus and/or Stapylococcus.  This bacteria infects the heart and causes irregular heartbeat.  This is likely the classic cause of a persistent irregular heartbeat.  Also causes the heart to beat too fast, atrial fibrillation or flutter (strep causes anxiety).  Also causes panic attacks.

Cure: A combination of steroidal and triterpenoid saponins.  The steroidal boost the bioavailability of the triterpenoid saponins which disrupt gram positive bacteria membranes (most gram pos).

#3 Tetanus - Clostridium Tetani.  This bacteria causes muscle twitching including the heart muscle.

Cure: Juniper berries or essential oil works well.  Lavender or essential oil also works but I don't think as well.  Triterpenoid saponins taken internally like passionflower, -ginseng, or gynostemma preferably with a steroidal saponin like tribulus terrestrus or sarsaparilla.

#4.  Mycobacterium and/or Corynebacterium.  This bacteria infects the heart causing missed beats but especially a stabbing pain in the chest.  I believe also heart attack which the other two mentioned contribute as well.  So this one is #3 on the list and not higher because this bacteria causes mostly a stabbing pain and less about skipping beats but it does contribute.

Cure: Garlic powder.  Eucalyptus essential oil also works but only use 10 drops or less at a time, more causes fainting.

#5.  Iron Overload.  Excess Iron creates an oxidative state which causes heart to skip beats.  Paradoxically treating for the iron overload or hemochromatosis with phlebotomies or even treating it naturally with flavonoids causes increased skipping beats since the iron is being mobilized and more able to effect the heart.

Cure:  Reduce Iron intake to near zero.  Use antioxidants that will further lower levels over time.  Just say no to Phlebotomies and do it naturally.

#6 High LDL Cholesterol.  Especially in conjunction with high iron, high cholesterol is very oxidative.  Notice how saturated fat helps beans cook to be more soft and make for softer cookies, these fats do a number to cellular membranes allowing for oxidation.

Cure:  Lower cholesterol by replacing saturated fats with mono and polyunsaturated fats especially omega 3.  Also replace Palm oil with Coconut oil as the Lauric Acid boosts HDL cholesterol.

#7.  Potato Poisoning.  Solanine or other anticholinergics like wheatgrass, pesticides, and others.  Mostly these cause weakened cardiac output and less about causing skipping beats, but again it does contribute.  Also this causes heart failure and may contribute to heart attacks.  Bacillus Cerus in the gut may also contribute.

Cure: Stop eating or being exposed to them.  Also oximes (search for my other posts on making oximes) may help.  If Baccilis Cereus is involved a combination of steroidal and triterpenoid saponins in combination with garlic powder works well.

#8.  Low blood pressure.  Low blood pressure is good but it can expose a heart rhythm problem.  For example your heart may seem fine but when you take potassium it starts skipping beats.  This means you have a problem with one or more above factors and lowering your blood pressure has uncovered it.  This is why for many their first symptom is a heart attack, because their high blood pressure masks the symptoms of a heart problem.

Cure: Balance your Potassium and Sodium intake to create a blood pressure around 110-120 / 70-80.

#9.  Calcium overload.  Calcium is actually good for the heart.  It allows the heart to not have to work as hard.  Calcium is needed for muscle relaxation.  If you feel your heart beating strongly and you can hear or feel it beating, you have a calcium deficiency.  However too much can exacerbate heart skipping beats similarly to having low blood pressure.

Cure: Balance your Calcium and Magnesium intakes.  Magnesium helps excrete excess calcium similarly to how potassium helps the body excrete excess sodium.

#10. Blood Clots.  This is less of a cause of skipping beats and more a contributor to heart attacks and other events.  This is caused by Bacillus (see above how to kill most species can be killed with garlic but others that are waxy like Cerus require saponins too), Heavy Metal poisoning like Cadmium, Streptococcus.  A good way to notice blood clots is pain in the fingers and finger tips and possibly feet.

Cure:  See above for Strep and Baccilus (take saponins and especially garlic) and also chelating cadmium with L-Cystiene seems to work if cadmium is a cause.-

#11. Nitrate reduction seems to be a major cause of heart attacks along with calcium overload and other bacteria like mycobacterium, corynebacterium, and h pylori.  Of course high cholesterol and high blood pressure are also huge factors.  In relation to nitrate reduction to nitrite, haemophilis seems to be the biggest player followed by some others, see first link below.

Cure: Haemophilis is killed with peppermint essential oil as well as cinnamon.  Also echinacea purpea root powder is good to kill haemophilis in the gut, also probably lavender flower powder.  Nitrate reduction does lower blood pressure though so after eliminating it one should keep bloodnpressure under control by reducing sodium and taking potassium.

#12.  Thiamine deficiency.  Thiamin seems to help prevent oxidation effects on the heart.

Cure: Take Thiamine, up to half a gram per day.  However taking too much can exacerbate skipping beats.

#13 Taurine or cysteine deficiency.  This nutrient nourishes the heart.  Can be low in vegetarian or vegan diets.

Cure: If you are a vegetarian, eat red nori seaweed.

#14.  Selenium Deficiency.  Again Selenium may help reduce oxidative stress.

Cure: Take selenium.  Too much is dangerous though.

#15. Virus.  Virus is likely a very big cause of irregular heartbeat and heart skipping beats however it is dependent on bacteria which is why it is low on this list.  It is actually very hard for virus to infect human cells and it requires bacteria to be ushered into the cells.

Cure: Kill the aforementioned bacteria.  Also some things like tannins and activated charcoal could help prevent viral entry into the bloodstream from the gut but I am not sure.  See my other posts on virus.


Nitrate reduction Neisseria, Veillonella, Haemophilus, Porphyromonas, Fusobacterium, Prevotella, Leptotrichia, Brevibacillus, and Granulicatella.  Haemo probably best and lactobaccilis worst and probably inhibitory


Actinomyces vellionellia rothia

Ecoli and lactobaccilis

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