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** I am doing personal research with Tasty Wheat at my own risk as Tasty Wheat is not subject to FDA regulation.  I do not condone or support your use of Tasty Wheat in this way and if you do use it internally you do so at your own risk.**

Since starting taking tasty wheat a few days ago (I have had maybe 3 meals total of tasty wheat over the span of a few days) I have noticed some changes.

The first thing I was surprised by was it didn't increase my bowel movements much even though each serving contains around 30g of fiber.  I think part of it is it is so water absorbent you need to drink more water to keep things moving through.

Other things I noticed is a sense of being "out of it" sort of like I never fully wake up.  I have also been sleeping more which is very welcome since I have severe insomnia for over 13 years now.  It sort of feels like a detox reaction.  My sense of night and day (my internal clock) is sort of thrown off and it feels like night and day doesn't really matter.

I also noticed my muscles feeling a bit tired and like they need to be stretched.  I am pretty physically active so to me this seems like this better nutrition is causing my muscles to go into recovery mode.

Perhaps the feeling mentally "out of it" is my brain being rebuilt using more essential fatty acids since I am sure I have been deficient of omega fatty acids over the course of my life.  It could also be a symptom of bacteria or yeast die off.

I sort of feel like I have less energy and am more tired all the time but at the same time I can get things done without getting as burnt out as before.  Perhaps this is part of the healing process.

Even though I have been getting more iron from Tasty Wheat than I have before which should aggravate my iron overload, my heart has actually been doing better.  The Lauric acid is likely improving my HDL cholesterol and the other fatty acids are likely lowering my LDL so this is probably what is helping my heart and preventing skipping beats quite well.  Also lauric acid neutralizes h pylori (also the artichoke leaf and broccoli sprout) and we know h pylori is the #1 cause of heart skipping beats.  Also the fiber is likely absorbing lots of cholesterol out of the bile and preventing it being reabsorbed thus lowering my cholesterol.

So I think it is going well and I am only eating Tasty Wheat one meal a day.  As time goes on hopefully I will move to 2 and then 3 meals a day of tasty wheat as I can tolerate it.

It is strange because I have supplemented all of these things contained in Tasty Wheat in the past but none really helped me much.  Perhaps it is combing everything into one and giving the body full nutrition from whole foods that is required to heal, not just trying this vitamin or that mineral.

Time will tell.

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