Tasty Wheat 0.12 - Codename FUDE

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Reduced nori a lot to help lower iron.  Also it gets the net weight down.  Also it gets cost down.  Doing that lowered daily taurine to 20mg which should be enough, also B12 is plenty high.  May want to lower cranberry in future but extra glucose is nice and it keeps iron low however the acids in the fruit may increase iron absorbtion.  Lowered mustard since imparted noticable flavor.  Essential aminos around 100% daily value for 3 meals for 180 lb person instead of 190 lb.  Tried to include cardoon for sodium but wakame has best high sodium to low iron ratio.  Possibly add onion and white pepper to improve flavor.  Possibly change avocado brand to AvoLov then eventually to my own freeze dried avocado, cauliflower.

155g  Cost $6.56 per meal or $19.69 a day.
requires minimum of 32 oz water to fully hydrate.

Flax 35g - walmart organic raw (0.01/g)
Cauliflower 30g - whole foods (0.03/g)
Oat Bran 17g - amazon organic raw (0.01/g)
Sunflower 12g - whole foods raw organic (0.01/g)
Hemp 11g - manitoba organic raw (0.03/g)
Avocado 11g - amazon freeze dried (0.04/g)
Wakame 11g - amazon atlantic raw organic (0.12/g)
Cranberry 8g - mountain rose raw organic (0.18/g)
Coconut Creamer 7g - sprouts/amazon (0.04/g)
Nori 5g - amazon raw organic (0.11/g)
IP6 1.5g source naturals (0.13/g)
Garlic 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Mustard 0.5g mountain rose organic raw (0.02/g)
Calendula 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.22/g)
Lavender 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.06/g)
Passionflower 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Artichoke leaf 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.03/g)
Broccoli sprout 1g HH Solutions Pesticide free (0.08/g)

Nutritional Analysis:

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