Tasty Wheat 0.11: "Everything" the Body Needs.

TEEF Twice a Day keeps the Dentist Away for Free


***This Product is made in a clean way using only Food Grade ingredients, however it must be declared NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION and FOR NUTRITIONAL RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY since this product is not made in an FDA registered facility.  Internal use is at the users own discretion/risk and we will not provide support for such use, but we will answer any questions that are not related to how to consume or what to expect from consuming this product.***

Balanced omega 3:6:9 to 1:1:1.  Protein decreased a tad, now it is 100% daily value for all essential amino acids for a 190lb person.  Cost elevated since more cranberry added for glucose.  Cost also elevated for IP6 and herbs.

161.5g  Cost $7.83 per meal or $23.48 a day.
requires minimum of 32 oz water to fully hydrate.

Flax 33g - walmart organic raw (0.01/g)
Cauliflower 26g - whole foods (0.03/g)
Nori 18g - amazon raw organic (0.11/g)
Oat Bran 17g - amazon organic raw (0.01/g)
Hemp 12g - manitoba organic raw (0.03/g)
Sunflower 11g - whole foods raw organic (0.01/g)
Avocado 11g - amazon freeze dried (0.04/g)
Wakame 10g - amazon atlantic raw organic (0.12/g)
Cranberry 8g - mountain rose raw organic (0.18/g)
Coconut Creamer 7g - sprouts/amazon (0.04/g)
IP6 1.5g source naturals (0.13/g)
Garlic 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Mustard 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.02/g)
Calendula 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.22/g)
Lavender 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.06/g)
Passionflower 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Artichoke leaf 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.03/g)
Broccoli sprout 1g HH Solutions Pesticide free (0.08/g)

Nutritional Analysis:

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