Tasty Wheat 0.10: Everything the Body Needs

 TEEF Powder is the best way to keep the Dentist Away for Free


Lowered sodium requirement to 1800mg from 2400mg and adjusted amounts of foods accordingly. This is convenient because each hour of heavy exercise burns 700 Calories and also sweats 700mg of sodium, so you can scale your intake of Tasty Wheat depending on your exertion level.  But the real reason this was done is I felt I was getting too much sodium and did research into optimum sodium intake which is around 1800mg for someone doing around 1 hour of sweating a day.

161.5g (2 cups powder)

Cost per meal $6.65, per day $19.96

requires minimum of 32 oz water (volume including powder) to fully hydrate.

Flax 34g
Cauliflower 30g
Nori 18g
Hemp 16g
Oat Bran 16g
Wakame 10g
Sunflower 10g
Avocado 7g
Coconut Creamer 7g
Cranberry 5g
IP6 1.5g
Garlic 1g
Mustard 1g
Calendula 1g
Lavender 1g
Passionflower 1g
Artichoke leaf 1g
Broccoli sprout 1g

Nutritional Analysis:

Future direction: May want to adjust avacado up for monounsaturated fats.  Make sure to keep mono:sat > 1:1.


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