Plasmatech is the future

 TEEF Powder is the Future of Free Oral Health

You have heard of 3D printing and AI and Cryptocurrency and Genetic Engineering and Hydrogen and Nanotech, etc.

Well the Real future tech is Plasma.

Plasma antigravity is made by surrounding something in magnetized plasma.  How do you magnetize the plasma?  You move it around.  Swirling or rotating plasma around and around magnetizes it.  How do you cover something in plasma?  You just charge it with high voltage.  Can be positive or negative.

Plasma cloaking is made by emitting plasma from a surface.  Like above, you just charge the surface.

Plasma shielding is done just like plasma cloaking, just charge the surface.  This will repel emi and other things like magnetic fields and even plasma weapons.

Plasma fusion is made by magnetized dusty plasma creating muons on metal oxides.  The dust is desired to create muons.

Plasma weapons are made by using magnetic unity to entrap plasma within a spiral magnetic field.  This plasma can also be magnetically accelerated.  Solar flares use this.

Plasma streamlining or repulsion uses plasma on a surface just like cloaking and shielding.  This repels fluids or other things and greatly reduces friction say on a car or boat or plane or anything else,

Plasma portals are made by using magnetic unity and ? Not entirely sure how to make a portal.

Plasma creation is done by using magnetic unity and ?  Not entirely sure how but aether is a photon sea and can be made into electrons via magnetic unity and then into protons.

Plasma petrification is done by hitting a creature with plasma and fusion takes place converting sodium and potassium into calcium and magnesium.

Plasma energy can be made using a flux capacitor with magnetized dusty preferably reducing plasma like hydrogen sulfide or preferably hydrogen telluride.  also tribogon/triborgone works similarly.

Plasma explosions can be used to run something similar to a combustion engine or also mining and other uses.  This is done by creating a plasma out of a liquid such as water using very high voltages.  Hot fusion can also happen in this process.

Plasma healing is done by treading a wound or a sick being with negative ions (plasma).

Plasma pumping of water or other polar materials is done by charging something up and water or other material being attracted to it.  This is how the pyramids pumped water out of the nile river.

Plasma weather modification is done by giving off negative ions into the atmosphere.  Trees do this and also other things like mountains.  This is the triborgone principle.

Plasma space travel can be done by using plasma weapon technology to shoot plasma contained within magnetic fields out of a spacecraft.

Plasma surface modification uses plasma to modify the surface of plastics and other things.

Plasma light includes fire and plasma glow and other things.

Possible future things:

Telepathy is likely done with magnetic unity effecting the aether using DMT but not sure if plasma is related.  Teleportation likely has to do with plasma portals but not sure.

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