Plasma earth core and why Gold Tellurides are found deeper than Gold Sulfides

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It turns out that there may be layers inside the earth in the plasma state.  This would be one way (besides volcanic lightning) to explain how heavy element fusion and transmutations happen within the earth.

We know that gold associated with tellurides can be found deeper in the earth than gold associated with sulfides.  Our hypothesis to explain this is that hydrogen telluride is a better superconductor (works at a higher temp) then hydrogen sulfide and the lower temperature closer to the surface allows hydrogen sulfide plasma to fuse iron and oxygen atoms into gold.

But in light of the recent understanding that it likely requires magnetized plasma to create fusion, we can predict that the reason telluride associated gold can be found deeper in the earth means that hydrogen telluride needs to be less magnetized to cause heavy element cold fusion than hydrogen sulfide needs to be.  So therefore it may be more efficient to make gold and other precious metals or other elements using hydrogen telluride instead of hydrogen sulfide.

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