Last sign for 2024 Judgement: Hades

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I think apophis in 2029 is hades

Revelation 12 signs in the last 2000 years:


1507 9-09

1293 9-05

1246 9-14

1056 9-14 StanisÅ‚aw Szczepanowski seems to have been one of the witnesses and King BolesÅ‚aw either the beast or antichrist.

866 9-15

629 8-27

439 8-29 Witness was St. Patrick.  Coroticus was either the beast or antichrist who slaughtered christians.  St. Patrick was nearly executed but lived.

356 9-13  Beast or Antichrist likely was Shapur II.

249 8-28 Witnesses were likely Cyprian and Novation and St. Valentine, Valerian was the Beast, Aurelian/Claudius the Antichrist*.  They were killed by the beast and antichrist.  Possibly St. Alban one of witnesses. *Diocletian could be the antichrist of this era and carried out the Great Persecution.

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