How to make a fence to keep Bigfoot Out

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This may sound hilarious yet this is one of the inventions I am most confident in.

As we have established earlier, Bigfoot Sasquatch is a Plasma Ape.  I lean towards ape but there are some that think bigfoot is human.  I think that bigfoot is of the genus, likely a couple genus' of 'pithicus like Gigantopithicus, Australopithicus, and Paranthropus.

Anyway there is mention of how to keep them out in the Quran.  While I don't agree with the immoral teachings in the Quran, just like the Bible it can be viewed as an accurate historical record of a people.

Yajuj and Majuj

So it appears that this creature is repelled by a magnetic shield.  Iron coated in bronze/brass/copper is a traditional magnetic shield.  Copper repels magnetic fields whereas Iron attracts magnetic fields.  The net effect is that magnetic fields are blocked.  This is a well known phenomenon in the modern age.

Next we know that Missing411 dissapearances are clustered around low spots/transitional spots in earths magnetic field.



We also know some apes can see magnetic fields


So it is enirely possible that magnetic shielding- an and will keep bigfoot out, and it appears people thousands of years ago already did this (see video above.

So how can we apply this knowledge?  Simply make poles of iron coated in copper and drive them around the property line.  This will confuse and repel any bigfoot.

Also you can simply carry an iron rod coated in copper (or gold or silver) with you as a walking stick which should confuse and repel any bigfoot on your travels.

Also armed with this info we may even be able to attract bigfoot using their curiosity.  Simply place or bury an electromagnet, can be hooked to a battery.  Coil a thin copper magnet wire around an iron core. You can use high voltage and very low current to do this.  Set up photo traps and prove bigfoot exists beyond a doubt.

bigfoot static

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