Graphene Velcro

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Graphene has been a fad trend word for several years now with even a nobel prize being awarded for it's discovery.  Many scientists and inventors including myself have struggled over the years to find an actual use for it.  We know it is a great conductor but the small size of the particles make it so larger pieces of graphite or other carbon are better for most conduction uses including electrodes.

So what is graphene really good for?

We now know that gold is absolutely best at harvesting triboelectric electricity as NatureHacker's previous inventions including the flux capacitor have entailed.  Gold is the very best conductive material that can suck up electrons, period.  Even the other noble metals are not as good as gold is at this use.  So the gold mystery has been solved, gold will be highly useful in electrostatic electricity generation in the future.

But graphene is less clear.  No highly commercializable use has been found for it to my knowledge to date.

Well that all changes today.

Graphene may be the best easily producible van der waals material known to man.  Graphene has a lot of exess electrons on its surface which can be used to attract other materials.  Ironically the way graphene was first rpoduced, by sticking to a piece of scotch tape, may prove to be its real true valuable use.  It is sticky.  On a molecular level.  It may not be so good sticking to itself, which is why graphite sheds so easily, but it is good at sticking to things that will accept it's electrons.  So new polymer glues and even glue free surface contacts (aka graphene velcro) should be developed.  This could include treating surfaces with graphene and/or anything else to increase grip such as gloves or anything else.

Graphene's true use is in creating stickinesss.  It could be the best thing we have to artificial gecko hands.


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