FUDE Powder 0.8 Raw Vegan Open Source Complete Meal Ration Food Powder like MRE

 TEEF is Free!


Cost per meal $6.91; $20.74 per day

When mixing with water total vol should be (at least) 32 oz per meal.  Taste is reasonable, umami (seaweed) forward flavor.

Will take around a half hour to hour to consume, most will not be able to chug it down in one go.  Will leave you quite full.

1 meal - 153g

Flax 33g - walmart organic raw (0.15/oz)
Cauliflower 30g - whole foods (0.88/oz)
Hemp 16g - manitoba organic raw (0.86/oz)
Oat Bran 15g - amazon organic raw (0.27/oz)
Wakame 15g - amazon atlantic raw organic (3.50/oz)
Nori 15g - amazon raw organic (3.25/oz)
Sunflower 10g - whole foods raw organic (0.32/oz)
Avocado 7g - amazon freeze dried (1.25/oz)
Coconut Creamer 7g - sprouts/amazon (1.06/oz)
Cranberry 5g - mountain rose raw organic- (5.19/oz)

Started balancing for amino acids, now 200lb person gets 100% DV or more of all
essential amino acids and also tyrosine and cystiene and taurine.  Omega 3:6
ratio had to be sacrificed a bit and is now 96:100 so good enough. Cost raised
a bit since more seaweed is added.


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