FUDE 0.9: Tasty Wheat - The Taste of Survival

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I will now enter into bacteria neutralizing aspects of the recipe.

So eating 0.8 I felt some heartburn after which is a common problem for me and I counter it with mustard and garlic powder.  Cranberry is good for lower back pain and extra bubbly pee (protein leaking out of the kidneys from bacteria causing inflammation).  IP6 added to help block absorption of some iron which is high in this recipe.

Also noticing some gut cramps which is rare for me so I will see what helps that (probably lavender) and add that to the recipe.


Flax 33g
Cauliflower 30g
Hemp 16g
Oat Bran 15g
Wakame 15g
Nori 15g
Sunflower 10g
Avocado 7g
Coconut Creamer 7g
Cranberry 5g
IP6 1.5g
Garlic 1g
Mustard 1g
Calendula 1g
Lavender 1g
Passionflower 1g
Artichoke leaf 1g
Broccoli sprout 1g

I expect to need to add lavender (clostridium) and also calendula (campylobacter) and perhaps some triterpenoid and steroidal saponins (passionflower is triterpenoid and chrysin).  Also artichoke leaf, agrimony, and broccoli sprout powder for h pylori.  Edit: I added all except agrimony.

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