FUDE 0.5

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Cost per meal: 6.90; 20.70 per day

Cauliflower 31g         whole foods (0.88/oz)
Oat Bran 21g             amazon organic raw (0.27/oz)
Flax 20g                     amazon organic raw (0.62/oz)
Hemp 19g                   amazon raw (1.02/oz)
Avocado 18g               amazon freeze dried (1.25/oz)
Wakame 16g               amazon atlantic raw organic (3.50/oz)
Sunflower 11g            whole foods organic raw (0.32/oz)
Coconut Creamer 6g  sprouts (1.06/oz)
Nori 5g                       amazon raw organic (3.25/oz)
Cranberry 5g              mountain rose organic (5.19/oz)

0.4 had error in gram amount, was 155.

Lowered to 152g by reducing nori and balancing others to have right nutrients.
Did this because nori was expensive and it didn't need to be that high for
any specific reason.  Taurine is nice in nori though but also quite high in iodine
so the less the better.  B12 is plenty high which is nori's main benefit.  I
tried using celery to compensate for some of the sodium wakame gives, but
it wasn't enough and raised the grams per serving too high.


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