FUDE 0.4

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Cauliflower 30g
Oat Bran 21g
Flax 20g
Hemp 19g
Avocado 18g
Wakame 16g
Nori 11g
Sunflower 9g
Coconut Creamer 7g
Cranberry 4g

tweaked it to remove endive with cauliflower for pantothenic acid since it is easier to acquire.  Also cauliflower had sugar so removed apricot.  Amount of grams lowered significantly which helps.

From the end of the world... Humet will keep you company.

Its the end of the world and we know it.

Humet or Hument

Vitamin D Precursors avacado and sunflower

vitamin d synthesis in body, does coconut oil (lauric acid) help?

FUDE Analysis:

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