Nitrate reducing bacteria likely cause heart attacks and inflamation

Nitrate reduction seems to be a major cause of heart attacks along with calcium overload and other bacteria like mycobacterium, corynebacterium, and h pylori.  Of course high cholesterol and high blood pressure are also huge factors.

In relation to nitrate reduction to nitrite, haemophilis seems to be the biggest player followed by some others, see first link below.  These bactetia tend to be active in the mouth concerting saliva nitrate to nitrite and also in the gut somewhat so treat accodingly.

Haemophilis is killed with peppermint essential oil as well as cinnamon.  Also echinacea purpea root powder is good to kill haemophilis in the gut.  Nitrate reduction does lower blood pressure though so after eliminating it one should keep blood pressure under control by reducing sodium and taking potassium.

Neisseria, Veillonella, Haemophilus, Porphyromonas, Fusobacterium, Prevotella, Leptotrichia, Brevibacillus, and Granulicatella.  Haemo probably best and lactobaccilis worst and probably inhibitory


Actinomyces vellionellia rothia

Ecoli and lactobaccilis


True Cause of Insomnia: Cholesterol, Estrogen, Glucuronidation, Iron Overload

So I will try to upload some supporting links on this below but you should be able to find them by searching "women cholesterol insomnia".

The point here is that it appears that elevated Cholesterol can cause insomnia but only really for women.  To me that means that elevated estrogen is also required.  This is interesting because I am a man however I have signs of excess estrogen (and testosterone) with gynecomastia and baldness.  So just recently I have realized I am deficient in the detox pathway called Glucuronidation.  Anyway I suffer extreme insomnia which I have improved over the years with stress reduction and also gut microbiome terraforming.  Anyway I also have always had high cholesterol.  I also believe I have high iron but was never tested.  So the best thing I have found so far is artichoke leaf powder.  This causes your body to excrete cholesterol through the bile and also hormones like estrogen and testosterone.  It makes your stool lighter in color from this excreted bile/fat/cholesterol.  It also improves glucuronidation.  Certain bacteria seems to tax glucuronidation especially campylobacter and probably streptococcus and killing those with ginger and steroidal/triterpenoid saponins respectively helps with the insomnia as well.  Having iron overload (hemochromatosis) is especially tough because many of the iron lowering flavanoids and anthocyanins and proanthocyanins actually inhibit glucuronidation pathway.  It seems ellagic acid from pomegranate and zeaxanthan from marigold may help with iron overload but also not hurt glucuronidation.

In conclusion high cholesterol with high estrogen (can be relatively high if you are a man, usually the opposite sex notices greater effect with the opposite sex hormone, women with slightly elevated testosterone experience more rage then men with those levels, and men with slightly elevated estrogen experience more estrogenic mood and body effects than women do with those levels) causes insomnia, even extreme insomnia.  What causes high cholesterol and high estrogen (and/or testosterone)?  Insufficeint Glucuronidation.  How to treat this naturally?  Artichoke leaf powder (also sulforophane from broccoli sprout powder).

Missing 411 Portal Theory

I have always been skeptical of portals (however I have wanted them to be true) since these traditional portal sites can be seen but you can't go through them.  However I just had a dream that I was waiting at a doorway with a few other people and we were waiting for it to open so we could pass through.  Waking up from that I realized that portals may only open for a short time every so often.  This may make sense why ancient cultures mapped the seasons and solstices so precisely, so they would know when the portals would open.  Where do these portals go?  I have no idea.  However one thing could be bieng born.  I have noticed that the planet you are born nearest to seems to dictate your fortunes.  What I mean is if you are born when mars is the closest planet to earth then when mars is close during your life you will have favor and when mars is far away things won't go right for you.  What this means to me is perhaps our spirits or souls were on that planet and that when a baby is born a portal opens up and a soul steps through into the baby becoming that person.  To me for a long time this didn't make sense.  Why isn't it to planet that was nearest when you were concieved, why when you were born?  It just started to make sense, perhaps because when you are born you are waking up for the first time.  Before that you were still connected to the unconcious and didn't have a soul.  This also makes sense when thinking about DMT and how it is released during REM dreams which is like living a different life.  In the womb is is pure DMT and you havrn't ever actually become yourself yet.

When I woke up from my dream I mentooned earlier about the doorway I noticed the big sheet of aluminum foil over my window is in the exact location and size of the doorway in my dream.  In fact upon waking I saw the closest thing I have ever seen to a ghost, and it was a hooded white figure standing right in front of and facing the aluminum foil looking like it is waiting for the portal to open.  As soon as the DMT wore off (naturally produced of course in my dream) a split second later the figure was gone.  Immediatly I took out my EMF meter but didn't find any anomolies where the figure was standing, perhaps it made it though the portal or it was just a figment of my imagination.

Then I got to thinking.  In missing 411 these portals (see vanished on amazon prime, and the russion mountain pass case) are often in stone or above the treeline on mountains.  We know trees emit negative ions.  Above the treeline is very positively charged from blowing snow charging things.  Perhaps strong positive ions can create portals or cause them to open.  Solar flares and places where these flares come into the earth like the poles or triangles may also gain a strong positive charge.  Also triboelectric pyramids (tribogon) would also cause these effects like the pyramids in egypt.

And the cell towers charging up my ungrounded aluminum foil sheet would also cause positive ions likely.

Any other thoughts or resources on these portals?

At the end of the following interview david says that he received an email about missing planes in Bermuda and Michigan triangle at the same time as people vanishing-.  Could be a portal opening event.  Should correlate this to solar activity: