Toxic Generation: How Toxins Define Generational Traits

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So recently I uncovered that the Millennial generation is defined by elevated birth control rates.  The early 80's is when Birth Control became prevalent.  Not only is this detrimental to the nearly 50% of children born to mothers on the pill, but just having someone on birth control in the family is enough to upset hormonal balance of others in the household as evidenced by males with gynecomastia by just being in a household with a woman on the pill.  All of the negative stereotypes of millenials are symptoms of early exposure to toxic levels of estrogens.  Laziness, overweight, entitled, etc.  Glucuronic acid or calcium glucarate are good ways to detox these estrogens.

Baby Boomers have their own problems.  This generation is defined by water fluoridation.  After the former NAZI's became employed by the US government to help enslave the population, water fluoridation across the US ensued right as Baby Boomers were being born.  Calcified Pineal Glands and fluorosis is the characteristic of this generation leading to superficiality and "standard of living" (white picket fence and 2.5 pets) as being the highest ideal this generation can aspire to.  The reason why baby boomers flocked to organized religion is because they could sense that they were spiritually depraved as their DMT production had been turned off and so their personal connection to the divine was shut down.

Gen Z is the Vaccine Generation.  As the link below shows the millennial generation had around 10 vaccine doses whereas Gen Z has around 72.  Autism rates are huge in this generation.

There is a reason why they started naming the generations X, Y, and Z... Because these "innovations" in fluoride, hormonal sterilization, and Mercury/Virus injection they knew would compound on each-other leading to a population crash ensuing and a docile and submissive slave population.

Welcome to the New World Order.


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glucuronic acid for estrogen detox from tremella fuciformis

NAG and Mg enhance Glucuronidation

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