Stenotrophomonas maltophilia: The Cold Killer

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This is an interesting bacteria found in Raw Sugar (always boil raw sugar and make into a simple syrup before eating) and one that causes hypothermia.  Why does it cause hypothermia?  Because it is strongest at 30c which is 7 degrees below normal body temperature.  So it must have mechanisms to bring down an organism's temperature into its optimum temperature range.

If you wake up with the chills and it is a normal room temperature in the house, have weak shallow breaths, feel sleepy, and things look a bit different than normal (signifies excess DMT released in the brain) you may have a gut infection of this bacteria.  Also you may feel a bit nauseous.
Also you may have dreams of needing to destroy something but encountering evil spirits on the way (sort of like a Lord of the Rings story).  Also you may be struck with tremors in your dream.  This supports the excess DMT release I mentioned earlier.

To treat it, things that normally kill gram negative bacteria like cinnamon and mustard may be a good bet since it is a gram negative bacteria.  But for it to be susceptible to cycline antibiotics means to me you may need to use typically gram positive methods like saponins from tribulus terrestris and gynostemma.  Lemongrass essential oil is known to be good against this bacteria because of the citral present.  Also make sure body temperature is elevated into the normal range with things like potassium supplements and turning on the heat in the house :).

Cinnamon seems to work, thyme essential oil seems to work, garlic might help.

Naturewiki link

citral kills it

lemongrass eo high in citral

Potassium deficiency causes hypothermia or low body temperature

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