Propionibacterium freudenreichii a dangerous hallucinogenic bacteria found in swiss cheese

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My baby swiss cheese went a bit bad and I ate it anyway.  Well this caused bizzare flying dreams where I couldn't really control my flight right and also got in fights in my dreams.  Fighty and flighty I suppose you can call it.

This bacteria is diptheroid so it likely creates a tryptamine similar but not exactly DMT.  If DMT is the superhero molecule then what this bacteria produces might be called the supervillan molecule.  If diptheria bacteria gives you the force, then the molecule propionibacterium acnes or other spp. produces gives you the darkside.

Lightheadedness disorientation, trouble waking up from vivid dreams.  Pressure in head which started while helicopters circling.  Sinus pressure/feeling.  Constipation?  This bacteria is killed with tribulis taerrestrus extract and gynostemma extract taken in conjunction.

It causes meningitis so you don't want this bacteria to overgrow.


Dreams of flying and fighting
Bacillis cerus? Or gut diptheria?

Feeling nauseous after taking harmony with extra trib and gyno. 

Baby swiss bacteria?  Yes propinobactetium used to make swiss which is diptheroid.

Improved after taking harmony and elevated levels of gyno and trib

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