MUDPII Fusion: Magnetic Unity Dusty Plasma Ionic Implosion Fusion

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Phew that is a tongue twister.  This is basically DIIP fusion except I really needed to add magnetic unity to it since it is now pretty clear to me that the plasma needs to be magnetized to achieve efficient fusion.  The reason I now believe this is watching a lecture online about Plasma Physics and the instructor said that terrestrial plasmas are highly magnetized.  By terrestrial plasmas he means earth based natural plasma.  This is important because when gold is made in the earth (and other precious metals) it is made with terrestrial (magnetized) dusty plasma.

Magnetic unity is a principle you can read about on my blog in essence it is spiral magnetic fields and it is tightly related to plasma as magnetic unity is how to make plasma "acquire" a magnetic field.  Plasma can also self magnetize if it is made to move in a uniform way, and I also consider this process to be magnetic unity.  A random plasma doesn't acquire a magnetic field.  Magnetic unity can be used to even accelerate a plasma using the spiraling magnetic field moving forward to accelerate the trapped plasma.  It would be akin to rotating a barrel and propelling that rotating barrel forward to propel a bullet from inside the barrel.  The barrel is the spiral magnetic field and the bullet is the plasma.

MUDPII is a fitting name because it appears the best way to do this is make a Mud Pie out of Red Iron Oxide, Kaolin Clay, crushed Quartz crystal, and Volcanic Ash.  Red Iron Oxide of Iron 55 or any isotope is the Ionic Compound of choice for making gold but can be any ionic compound or compounds including whatever isotopes you want or a natural random mix, depending on which precious metal you are trying to make.  Then you hit this Mud Pie with a Magnetized Reducing Plasma like Hydrogen sulfide.  The plasma will pick up "dustiness" from the silica and alumina etc. based ingredients in the pie.  Dust may also be added to the plasma elsewhere and the target may also just be a mud pie made from Red Iron Oxide with or without silica or other dust producing ingredients.

Here is a sample recipe for a dust producing Mud Pie Target (MPT):

50% Red Iron Oxide Powder
35% Kaolin Clay
15% Volcanic Ash

Mix these together and should form a stiff paste.

Now dust the surface with Quartz (or Rose Quartz) powder.  Red Iron should still be visible however.

Bake at 350 degrees (exact temp not important) until dry and solid.  Or you can sinter this at a higher temperature to achieve partial melting of the clay and/or other ingredients to make a ceramic.  This can be in any shape including a coin shape.

Next hit this Mud Pie Target (MPT) with a Magnetized Hydrogen Sulfide (and/or Hydrogen Telluride and/or Arsine and/or Phosphine and/or other reducing gas) Plasma.  The simplest way to do this is by making a hydrogen sulfide torch (see other posts for precautions and dangers) and just torching the mud pie.  This will only be weakly magnetized so may not be efficient.  An easy way to make the plasma magnetized is by moving the plasma down a long tube before hitting the target.  Another way is to put the mud pie ingredients in a beaker and evaporate all the water so it dries in the beaker then placing this beaker over a plasma generating setup in a microwave.

The microwave method is a whole system and can be found here, in our case we need iron sulfide powder mixed with sodium bisulfate or any other hydrogen sulfide producing mix:

Self Magnetizing dusty plasma experiment, notice it gets magnetized towards the end of the tube:

Anyway that is enough for today and lets hope we can get any sort of positive result upon testing!

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