MODPI Fusion: Muon Oxide Dusty Plasma Implosion Fusion - How to make Gold

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I've made several posts about this sort of cold (catalyzed) fusion before but here is the barebones practical version.

Dusty plasma (plasma must be strongly reducing like Hydrogen Sulfide or Hydrogen Telluride) is directed onto a metal oxide.

That's it!

So an easy way to make a plasma is by simply igniting it on fire.  So here is an example procedure to make gold but very many precious metals can be made in a similar way but using a different metal oxide.

1. Make a hydrogen sulfide flame. (precautions like acid gas respirator, flashback arrestor, mostly Proton Beta radiation and a little neutron blocking must be taken {so do this in a hole in the ground or behind a bucket filled with sand, water, and borax})

2.  Direct said flame over quartz.  This adds dust to the plasma.

3.  Direct the now dusty flame onto hematite (Iron Oxide)

4.  Gold is made.

I think a good way to achieve 2 and 3 is to make a mixture of quartz powder and/or kaolin powder with hematite powder.  Make this into a pressed, possibly sintered, disc.  Then just simply flame the disk with a hydrogen sulfide flame and gold should be made.

How does it work?  The hydrogen sulfide/telluride plasma highly charges the tiny silica dust particles.  These dust particles impact a metal oxide depositing the charge which creates muons.  These muons catalyze a structural collapse (implosion) of the elements and they fuse together.  Oxygen vacancies may or may not be needed for this process to occur but should be created at the temperature of a hydrogen sulfide flame anyway (roughly 900c).

If this procedure ends up not working, then there are two avenues to go for enhancing the effect:

1.  More dust.  Perhaps the dust particles aren't numerous enough or big? enough for muon creation.  (the bigger the dust particles the more charge they can hold however they need to be small enough to move freely within the plasma)

2.  A better plasma.  Perhaps just making a flame isn't good enough plasma and you would have to direct the h2s gas stream through an electric field instead to make a better plasma.

If gold is made but not a lot, then the size of the hematite granules should be optimized.  The muons can be reused to make many atoms of gold so the size of the hematite granules should be optimum to reuse as many muons as possible but not too big as that would lessen the amount of dust producing ingredients.  Muons have a certain lifetime so can only be reused a certain amount of times.

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