How to make Rhodium: Earth's most valuable metal

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So I have talked at length about how to make gold however I think we should be making various precious metals.  One extremely low hanging fruit is Rhodium.  At over $5000 an ounce this one is definitely worth a look.  I have a feeling that iridium, platinum, and gold are bieng made and they easily can using the same sort of method with chromium oxide (Cr 53), manganese oxide (Mn 54,54,55), and iron oxide (Fe 55) respectively.  What I don't think has been found is how to make ruthenium, rhodium, and palladium as the mechanism is a bit different.  In the case of Rhodium I am quite sure I figured it out.

Rhodium is made by fusing magnesium and arsenic using dusty hydrogen sulfide plasma.  Besides the normal cautions seen in my making gold posts, this one also is dealing with arsenic, an extremely deadly mineral so more caution is needed.  In the case of gold only iron oxide is needed which is common, but rhodium needs both arsenic and magnesium (magnesium 26 and arsenic 76 with the arsenic 76 is likely created by the dusty plasma) in very close proximity so they can fuse.  Ideally arsenic and magnesium would need to be part of a crystal structure together such as magnesium arsenide or arsenate. Also I don't think palladium is known how to be made yet either so I will try to study the minerology of palladium next.

Magnesium and sulfides


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