Harmony 0.4 open source recipe under development

 TEEF, Nature's Best Organic Tooth Powders

Again, this recipe is under development, 1.0 will be the first commercially ready version.

15g artichoke leaf powder (h pylori and cholesterol lowering and glucuronidation)
10g ginger powder (campylobacter)
10g mustard powder (gram neg bacteria)
5g garlic powder (gram neg and mycoplasma and corynebacterium)
5g tribulus terrestris extract powder (absorption and gram pos)
5g gynostemma powder (gram pos including clostridium)
5g pomegranate extract (40% ellagic acid) (glucuronidation and iron chelating)

So 0.4 is a restart making sure to only use herbs that don't lower glucuronidation.  broccoli sprout and zeaxanthan for next version.  May need more haemophilis support and ginger alternative like calendula.

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