God is Speaking to America: The Translation Doesn't Bode Well

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So I woke up in the middle of the night and I just had to know the meaning of the two great american solar eclipses, one in 2017 and one in 2024.  Turns out there are actually 3.

The August 21st 2017 solar eclipse is on the end of month Av.  Av is the month of Comfort, Father.  The next month is Elul, the month of Repentance, Search.

The October 14th 2023 eclipse lands on the end of the month of Tishrei,  Tishrei is the month of Fullness of the Spirit.  The next month is Cheshvan, the Bitter, Judgement month.

The April 8th 2024 eclipse lands on the end of the Month of Adar 2, the second Adar month since it is a leap year.  Adar is the month of Fire, Presence of God.  The next month is Nisan which is the month of Spring, Redemption.

So if all the month meanings are right, then the prophecy that God is speaking is:

Repent and Search your heart, Bitter Judgement is coming to America.  After 7 years, Redemption will come and a New Beginning.

The seven years is from the traditional reign of the antichrist and also the 7 years between the first and last eclipses.  The revelation 12 sign (september 23 2017) shows that we are close to the Antichrist, 7 years after the rev 12 sign a beast and Antichrist arise and the mark of the beast comes and Christians are killed.  I have found several rev 12 signs since 0 AD and every time there are two witnesses that are killed and a mark of the beast arises.



Eclipses line up with Hebrew months in prophecy.

Eclipse paths:




Hebrew calendar:


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