Flux Capacitor VS Triboelectric Nanogenerator TENG

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What is the difference between a flux capacitor (aka Flux Generator or Triboelelectric Flux Generator TEFG) and a triboelectric nanogenerator?  The Flux capacitor does not have the triboelectric layers rub on eachother and instead has a medium flow over both of the triboelectric layers (or a single triboelectric layer is also acceptable for a TEFG).

So practically speaking a TENG needs to flex and move and rub on eachother whereas a Flux Capacitor does not.  A flux capacitor needs movement of a fluid relative to the triboelectric layers and a TENG does not.  A TENG will wear out over time from rubbing whereas a Flux capacitor does not necessarily wear out.

A TENG tries to do two things at once, induce rubbing and induce separation.  Trying to do two things at once is not practical and often times one is done at detriment to the other.  A single device without complex mechanisms driven by random phenomenon like walking or moving cannot reliably deliver measured rubbing and then subsequent separation.

A TEFG does not try to do two things at once.  It simply needs to stay the way it is, with the two triboelectric materials a set distance apart.  The only thing that changes is the fluid/material flow through the triboelectric layers.  In this way a TEFG or flux capacitor is a truly passive device.

All in all a Flux Capacitor is an improvement over a TENG.  A TENG is an unsustainable unpredictable unscalable disposable design whereas a Flux Capacitor is sustainable predictable durable and scalable.

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