FBI still Spying on me with Planes and Helicopters

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So on my planned trips I have noticed Medium to small size planes crisscrossing the city behind my path of travel very likely spying on me.  These planes started after my post about being circled by blue and white helicopters.  They are able to get away with using airplanes now because they can surveil large swaths of the city and also they know my plans long in advance.

But on short unplanned trips I notice the blue and white helicopters buzzing over me.  This last time this happened today they had a blue and white (normal helicopter) fly right nearby me semi-circling me while another one that looked smaller and black with that post looking thing sticking out under the propeller hung back a ways.  As the blue and white partially circled me and took off the smaller one hung back a ways thinking I wouldn't notice it and watched me from afar along my path.

The planes are a bit bigger than Cessna and are dark colored (blue or black) and the wing ends are semicircular not squared off like cessna's are.  Wings are pretty wide.  I can't find any pictures of airplanes like these online.

For the unplanned trips I think they use cameras on top of stoplights along with your cellphone if you have it on you.  If you don't carry a phone, I think they monitor traffic light surveillance footage to track people.

Think this is crazy and paranoid?  Think again:

This report was removed from the web luckily it was archived:


Documents archive (again was deleted from the internet):

Here is what the blue and white ones look like:

Here is the small black one hanging behind looks like:

The traffic light cameras I am referring to look like this:

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